Bus Pirate week, day 3 – cases and enclosures

This week is dedicated to Bus Pirate development. Today we looked at Bus Pirate cases, past and future. Here’s some links mentioned in the video:

Tomorrow we’ll do our Bus Pirate demo from Home Camp4, using v4 hardware’s on-board I2C EEPROM. Don’t miss:

Grab the latest v6 firmware release candidate here.

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  1. Interesting camera perspective.
    I’m interested in how other people do there video presentations.
    Lets discuss

      1. The workshop is kind of a pit with electronics everywhere, that is just the area I managed to clean up enough to shoot a video. I’m also working on some bendy-clip camera holders so it is easier to put a camera over/around the work area.

      1. Yup, seeed gets then in the Shenzhen distributors market, and a second operation cuts the holes.

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