Cadsoft EAGLE scripts to tweak settings and layers

Vimark made some new scripts to make our life easier. We use Cadsoft Eagle a lot and these scrips automate some of the more boring aspects of design. wherelabs_default.scr – scripts changes wire width to 10mil and via shape to round. hide_label_layers.scr – Hide top and bottom part names and part values layers. show_all_top_layers.scr – […]

pyBusPirateLite support for Windows

There is a new version of pyBusPirateLite, the Python library for interacting with the Bus Pirate.  It now supports Windows versions of Python. You can download the latest version from the Bus Pirate SVN Repository, or a package containing just pyBusPirateLite.  See the wiki page on Bus Pirate Scripting in Python to get started.

Bus Pirate script for 8×32 LED matrix

will_j posted a Bus Pirate script that controls a Sure Electronics 8×32 LED marquee: Here’s a quick and dirty perl script to display ‘BPv3’ on a Sure Electronics 8×32 LEd Matrix display. You can also use a 16×24 display if you change the second command code to 44 from 40. Any improvements gratefully received – […]

Xymon server and network stats on the #twatch

Xymon, previously “Hobbit”,  monitors server and network up-time, provides real-time monitoring, availability reports, downtime alerts, etc. noxin submitted a Perl script that displays Xymon data and alerts on the #twatch networked LCD screen. You can browse all the #twatch scripts in the project SVN. The #twatch is currently in stock at Seeed Studio: $30 for […]

Self-test in binary mode

See the latest version in the documentation wiki. Since v2 the Bus Pirate firmware has included a self-test that verifies the function of pins and peripherals. The latest v2.6-nightly build adds a self-test to the binary bitbang mode. This is a useful way for applications to test the Bus Pirate, and for manufacturing quality control. […]