#twatch firmware with backlight enabled

The white-on-blue screen that shipped with the #twatch really requires the backlight to be visible. Here’s an updated firmware that has the backlight on at power-up. The new firmware is loaded over the network using tools already available in most operating systems, Windows instructions here. We apologize for the lack of refinement. We prototyped with […]

#twatch network firmware upgrades

See the latest version on the documentation wiki. The #twatch can be updated from a PC on the local network thanks to Microchip’s network bootloader. Bug fix updates, new features, and alternate functions can be programmed into the #twatch using the bootloader. The 18F ethernet PICs can only be programmed an average of 100 times, […]

Compile the #twatch firmware

See the latest version on the documentation wiki. You don’t need a Microchip programmer to develop firmware for the #twatch. You can use Microchip’s free development tools and upload code through the network bootloader. It’s a mini PIC 18F67J60 development board, but remember that the chip is only rated for 100 program cycles. Compile instructions […]

View the #twatch IP announcement

The #twatch acquires an IP address automatically using the DHCP server on your network. It displays the IP address on the LCD screen, but it also sends an announcement packet to every computer on the network. The packet is directed to port 30303 at the broadcast address. Microchip provides a small Windows utility called MCHPDetect […]

Tracking orders from Seeed Studio

We’ve gotten a few questions about tracking packages from Seeed Studio, like the Bus Pirate and #twatch preorders. Seeed uses Hongkong Post by default, in our experience these packages usually take 4-7 days to arrive. When your order ships, Seeed sends a status update with a tracking number like EE123456789HK. Use the Hongkong Post tracking […]

#twatch network LCD preorder update

The #twatch ethernet LCD backpack preorder is over, shipments will start around October 10, 2009. Our first project was a big success. Thank you for participating with comments and preorders! If you missed out on the preorder, Seeed is making a few extra units you can buy for $45, worldwide shipping included. We don’t plan […]

Network LCD (#twatch) availablility update

**UPDATE*** Seeed is listing the #twatch again. They located additional PIC chips. The #twatch preorder has an estimated October 10 ship date. #twatch production is limited by the number of PIC 18F67J60 ethernet microcontrollers Seeed can find for immediate delivery. Here’s some of the options at this point: Seeed locates more PIC18F67J60s, they add more […]