Prototype: Network LCD backpack

The most recent documentation is now on the wiki. Character LCD screens that scroll information are a popular case mod. They’re usually controlled through a parallel port, serial port backpack, or USB backpack (more). This article demonstrates our open source ethernet network LCD backpack. LCD control programs like LCD Smartie (Windows) and LCDproc (Linux, OSX?) […]

Confessions of a prototyper: #twatch v1/v1b

Last week we released the #twatch v2, an ethernet backpack for 20×4 character LCDs. This wasn’t the only version of the #twatch that we designed. V2 is based on the slick, inexpensive, single-chip ethernet microcontroller, the PIC 18F67J60. The biggest downside to the 18f67J60 is that it can only be programmed an average of 100 […]

#twatch: Twitter changes JSON feed slightly

In an amazing coincidence, Twitter changed the JSON datafeeds the #twatch uses to grab the latest trending topics and tweets on the same night that we launched. They didn’t actually make significant changes, but they tweaked the order of variables in a way that confused the #twatch. {“text”:” The original search parser looked for the […]

Prototype: Twitter Watcher, the #twatch

The most recent documentation is now on the wiki. The #twatch scrolls the latest trending topics from Twitter on an LCD screen. It’s a stand-alone network appliance that stays updated without a PC. It was awesome to watch #iranelection, Michael Jackson, and other historic events scroll by while we developed the #twatch. This article documents […]