Web Platform scratch and dent on its way to recovery

Tom redeemed one of his 7400 competition coupons for a Web Platform from the scratch and dent category of our free PCB drawer. He was able to ping it successfully and get it recognized over USB, so it looks like the major IC’s are functioning as intended. Dangerous Prototypes recently organized a give away of some […]

October swag bag: Web Platform

Earlier this year we added the Scratch and Dent category to our free PCB drawer. It’s a collection of hardware that failed Seeed’s quality control. Some have PCB errors, some have malfunctioning ICs, and some just cosmetic errors.   T0mpr1c3 got a Web Platform out of it and tweeted about it. Dangerous Prototypes recently organized […]

Library supports all PIC hardware peripherals, ported to the Web Platform

The Web Platform is now supported by the PIC24 library collection of examples and functions for working with PIC24 hardware peripherals. It features a getting started guide, a library with lots of useful functions, and a simple event driven operating system. The PIC24 support library supports all the major subsystems of the PIC24: clock configuration, […]

Lower Webduino server overhead with a favicon.ico

Martin Lormes recently acquired an Arduino and Ethernet shield. Once he got the setup running on the web using the Webduino Arduino web server library, he checked the traffic using Wireshark and noticed that if the embedded server didn’t offer up a favicon.ico file when initially requested the browser would keep requesting the file. This […]

TIDeals on Stellaris dev board and Micrium OS textbook

TIDeals has announced two year end specials. “First up is the Stellaris Ethernet-enabled Intelligent Display Module with PoE RDK. Basically, this little number is the Stellaris Intelligent Display Reference Design Kit (RDK-IDM), and it offers a complete, open-tool graphical touch-screen user interface design solution for control, automation, and instrumentation applications. Included in the RDK-IDM is […]

How to make a CheerLights controller with Arduino and ioBridge

CheerLights is an ioBridge Labs project that allows people’s lights all across the world to synchronize, stay linked based on social networking trends. It’s a way to connect physical things with social networking experiences and spread cheer at the same time. We are all connected. The Arduino is used to generate the PWN signal to […]

Frankfurter Buchmesse (book fair) and Thermal Tweeter

irrenhaus gave us a rundown on Frankfurter Buchmesse book fair he visited earlier this year. Here is what attracted his interest and ours: The art installation is the mainly interesting thing:For rows of 34 thermal printers each. All 136 thermal printers were printing – guess what – twitter messages. It was impressive – an impressive […]

Web platform and Thermal Tweeter wireless tethering

The Thermal Tweeter needs a wired ethernet internet connection to get tweets. At the Open Hardware Summit and Maker Faire we’ll be lucky to have wifi. Likely we’ll need to use a 3G wireless connection. We need a way to bridge the wireless data services to a wired connection. Today we picked up a cheap […]

Thermal Tweeter fail, that’s all folks @dangerousproto

It looks like Thermal Tweeter has come to an end. After 15 rolls of paper the printing is light and the paper isn’t feeding properly. We tried adding some extra delays in the software, but even at 4 seconds delay per line the problems still happen. It’s supposed to have a life of 30 miles […]

Thermal Tweeter wins Adafruit/Instructables challenge!

Thank you for sending tweets and voting the Thermal Tweeter to first place in the Adafruit/Instructables Make It Tweet Challenge! There were so many great entries, congratulations to everyone who entered for making a great project! A special thanks to Sjaak for the original idea, and for allowing his printer to be tortured for a […]

Thermal Tweeter facts and figures FAQ @dangerousproto

A lot of questions are coming through the Thermal Tweeter. Here’s some answers: How many rolls? About 1/day on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. 2.5 on Sunday, and it ran out twice for a few hours. Also, about 2/day of this variety. The printer uses thermal paper in rolls. It doesn’t use ink. Rolls were 5 for […]