#twatch firmware v0f available for download

#twatch firmware v0f is now available for download. It updates the twatch to use new Twitter feeds and formats.

The Twitter streaming #twatch stopped working because Twitter disabled the feed we used to grab the current trending topics. The new feed needs a Yahoo! Where On Earth region ID in the url. We wanted worldwide trending topics, so we set the region to 1.

Additionally, there was a minor change in feed format that put the region into the trend results. This was fixed by modifying the search keys.

The update instructions are here, a .bat file is included in the firmware to save you some typing. Latest source is in SVN.

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  1. I have a twatch which I have been unable to use since right after the second update. I am 74 year old disabled Veteran with a head injury that makes it kind of hard to figure out how to do things like update the twatch. I would like to find someone who would be wllnng to update my Twatch and send it back to me so I could use it once agan. Perhaps another Vet. or a young man who knows much more about programming than I ever will?? I think it needs somethng else done too as sometimes all or most of the pixels show solid blanks.
    Please advise and send correspondence to email address shown. Thank you very much.\

    Michael E. Califf,Sr.

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