#twatch, USB Infrared Toy now CC-BY-SA

To mark the one-year anniversary of Dangerous Prototypes, and timed suspiciously close to the Open Hardware Summit, we’re releasing the #twatch and USB Infrared Toy under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. These designs were formally restricted to non-commercial use, now they’re available for any use, including commercial derivatives.  All our* projects and content are now licensed CC-BY-SA/GPL (or even less restrictive).

The source code for these projects was always open, but the compiled firmware remains under a non-commercial license. This is because of non-distributable source code libraries and USB ID number sub-license agreements. We’re working hard to resolve that too.

A #twatch ethernet LCD backpack is $30, or $45 with an LCD, including worldwide shipping. The USB Infrared Toy is $20, including worldwide shipping.

*This excludes the Logic Sniffer, which is a partnership with the Gadget Factory.

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