PinguinoM: Arduino Network Monitor

This project by Paul Ameson utilizes the Arduino and BlinkM to monitor the status of your PC’s internet connection. This project, known as the PinguinoM, communicates via USB with a PC running a Python script. The Arduino board is loaded with the Communicator sketch from ThingM and changes the BlinkM according to the status communicated […]

Xymon server and network stats on the #twatch

Xymon, previously “Hobbit”,  monitors server and network up-time, provides real-time monitoring, availability reports, downtime alerts, etc. noxin submitted a Perl script that displays Xymon data and alerts on the #twatch networked LCD screen. You can browse all the #twatch scripts in the project SVN. The #twatch is currently in stock at Seeed Studio: $30 for […]