Processing 2.0 released

Processing version 2.0 is available for download. “The Processing 2.0 release focuses on faster graphics, new infrastructure for working with data, and enhanced video playback and capture. It also expands the potential of the programming environment. The new Modes feature allows other programming systems, such as JavaScript and Android, to be easily used from within […]

PC-based heart rate monitor using Arduino and Easy Pulse sensor

Raj writes that he’s just finished a new PC-based heart rate monitor using Arduino and Easy Pulse sensor (see previous Easy Pulse post). This project takes the sensor’s analog photo-plethysmography (PPG) output and feeds it into an Arduino ADC channel which converts it into digital counts which are then transferred to the PC through a […]

Open source book: Nature of Code

If you are interested in the interaction between the natural world and how it can inspire the generation of code based graphical representations, you should check out Daniel Shiffman’s new ebook The Nature of Code. Dan is the author of Learning Processing and teaches a course titled Introduction to Computational Media. NOC serves as a […]

SuperScope: circuit simulation through Arduino-Processing interface

Here’s a novel application. Supecapacitor has developed a circuit simulation project using Arduino-Processing. As he describes it: “SuperScope is a circuit simulator app for representing and calculating analog circuits. What’s so cool about SuperScope is the ability to actually import circuit components (via Arduino Serial) into the program where you can physically manipulate them. Arduino […]

Graphing TI ez430 Chronos watch data in Processing

Chemicaloliver has written a short post describing how to graph ez430 Chronos watch data in Processing. His post includes links to the source code, which is an extension of the earlier Processing code by Sean Brewer. Originally written in 2010, this info remains relevant for newly minted Chronos hackers who’ve just received their TI packages […]

Digitally adjustable precision reference driven via PWM

This simple circuit that converts a 5V PWM signal into a variable precision reference voltage with a rang of -2.5V to +2.5V.  Many designs, like a digitally controlled power supply, programmable dummy load, etc, require a Digital to Analog Converter to supply a stable reference votlage. This circuit is cheaper and requires less pins from […]

Tiny CNC-bot for under $70

The developers over at Piccolo are working on a CNC-bot designed to draw small pictures, and which could be reprogrammed for other purposes. According to the developers, “We are currently refining the Piccolo prototype into an open-source design that is simple, quick to assemble, and easy to use, and is entirely composed of digitally manufactured […]

Vetinari’s random-tick clock

Mick decided to build Vetinari’s clock based on WaitingForFridays project. Lord Vetinari, from the Discworld book series, has a clock in his office that is designed to make his visitors feel uncomfortable by having the second hand move at irregular intervals while still keeping exact time. The erratic second hand in Mick’s project is driven […]

Processing + Arduino + touchOSC

Adrianmb from Make-a-tronik has written a tutorial on how to how to communicate between your mobile device (Android / iOS device) or a PC and Arduino through a protocol known as OSC (Open Sound Control). The project uses Processing, Arduino, and an LED RGB device. TouchOSC must be installed on the computer or iDevice you […]

Serenading with Arduino

If you want to add a geek angle to a romantic dinner, what better way than Arduino generated music? Michele Spagnuolo has coded this project for a simple, minimalistic piano-theremin generated by Arduino and Processing. The hardware consists of a SRF05 ultrasonic sensor with Echo connected to digital pin 2 and Trigger/Init connected to pin […]

Update on Arduino imaging – Processing sketch + video

Earlier this week we posted about Carlos Agell’s project which allows the acquisition of analog camera images by an Arduino. Carlos has updated this project for use with a Processing sketch instead of the costly LabVIEW required in the original design. Here’s the link to his compressed file containing the Arduino and Processing sketches, LabVIEW […]

Processing 1.5 provides Android support

Processing version 1.5 is available for download. In addition to support for traditional desktop/web development, this release also includes an Android development mode. This should make Android development easier than using the Android SDK. For everything you need to know to start developing in Processing for Android, see the their Android Wiki page.

Avviso library for Arduino and Processing sends iOS push alerts

Mike Colagrosso created Avviso, a Processing and Arduino library for sending push alerts to iOS devices using the Prowl API. This would make projects such as Snail Mail Push Alerts a much easier task because a PHP web server is not needed in the set up. The libraries, example code, and set up guide are […]

Brainwave music maker

Brainwave measurement tools are increasingly being included in hacker projects. In this video, Collin from Make Magazine reveals his progress in producing brainwave-based music. He uses the a NeuroSky MindSet device for measuring EEG activity, which transmits its data via Bluetooth to the Mac. The MindSet Beat Sequencer code for Processing runs on the Mac. […]

Processing releases Processing.js v1.1

Processing.js is the sister project of the popular Processing visual programming language, designed for the web. Processing.js makes your data visualizations, digital art, interactive animations, educational graphs, video games, etc. work using web standards and without any plug-ins. You write code using the Processing language, include it in your web page, and Processing.js does the […]

Free Oreilly workshop – Processing and Arduino in Tandem: Build a Mixer

Oreilly is offering a special follow-up to their earlier Processing and Arduino course. “Processing and Arduino in Tandem: Build a Mixer” will be presented free online by Instructor Joseph Gray on two successive Fridays. The course makes use of the projBox, a control box with installed potentiometers, switches and LEDs, which interfaces with the Arduino […]

Brain wave monitor with Arduino + Processing

Frontier Nerds have been experimenting with brain wave tech as part of their Mental Block project. In this well documented project they take the headset from Mattel’s Mind Flex game and hack it to communicate with an Arduino board to measure brain waves and display their levels graphically on a PC via Processing. They chose […]

Processing and Arduino in Tandem: Video Mixer and Audio Visualizer

Oreilly is making available a free online course dealing with Processing and Arduino combined to produce a video mixer/audio visualizer. Led by instructor Joseph Gray, the course takes place Fridays @ 10am PT February 25 & March 11, 2011. Each session is 120 minutes. You may view the course live online for free; thereafter, to […]

Arduino-Processing-RFID sandwich game

Here’s a description by joshuajnoble of thefactoryfactory of his efforts in developing a simple “sandwich” game using Arduino, Processing and a Parallax RFID reader. Interesting for newcomers to the hobby as it illustrates the considerations which go into developing even a simple game using Arduino and Processing.