OpenBCI EEG project

The OpenBCI project is an open source project with the goal of expanding the availability of hardware for maker experimentation with brain wave measurement. It was recently fully funded on Kickstarter. According to the developers, OpenBCI is a versatile and affordable 8-channel EEG signal capture platform built around Texas Instrument’s ADS1299 Analog Front End IC. […]

Open electroencephalography

Michael Paul Coder obtained his first printed circuit board from Olimex and started with the OpenEEG project years ago, but only recently started dabbling in the measurement of brain waves while dreaming. He’s managed to build a device which can comfortably record brainwaves during sleep. He’s taken that a step further and established the Lucid […]

Brain wave monitor with Arduino + Processing

Frontier Nerds have been experimenting with brain wave tech as part of their Mental Block project. In this well documented project they take the headset from Mattel’s Mind Flex game and hack it to communicate with an Arduino board to measure brain waves and display their levels graphically on a PC via Processing. They chose […]