A CNC pickup winding machine built on an ATmega8

Davide Gironi blogged about his DIY ATmega based CNC pickup winding machine: A pickup winding machine it is used to wind a guitar pickup. You can find my previous ATmega manual pickup winding machine here This project is a manual / CNC pickup winding machine, built on top of an ATmega8 microcontroller. More details at Davide Gironi’s blog. […]

DIY csCNC – 2 (Linistepper driver and testing with Bus Pirate)

Oakkar7 has a nice build log on his DIY csCNC, he writes: Since I started building DIY CNC, I checked the free, opensource motor controller. There are several alternatives. I chose linisteppr controller. – Simple and cheap (my first priority :) ) and I can source required parts locally –  microstepping, open design (Especially, it’s […]

Shapeoko2 CNC Mill build log & review

Jeremy Blum’s review and build-log of the Shapeoko2: I bet you thought that I only had room in my heart for one at-home manufacturing technology! 3D Printing is still my first true manufacturing love, but I’m very excited to share that I’ve started experimenting with CNC milling, too, thanks to the fine folks at Inventables. They […]

Piccolo, a pocket sized open source CNC-bot

Piccolo, a pocket-sized stand-alone CNC platform from DiatomStudio: Using laser-cutting, off-the-shelf hardware and Arduino, you can make your own simple 3 axis robot. Attach a brush or pen to make a quick drawing robot, or extend Piccolo with sensors, custom toolheads, or by using multiple Piccolos together. Experiment with 2D or 3D digital fabrication at a […]

MIT’s silkworm-powered, fantastical, biological “3D printer”

MIT’s silkworm-powered, fantastical, biological “3D printer” : The primary structure was created of 26 polygonal panels made of silk threads laid down by a CNC (Computer-Numerically Controlled) machine. Inspired by the silkworm’s ability to generate a 3D cocoon out of a single multi-property silk thread (1km in length), the overall geometry of the pavilion was […]

CNC stepper controller

Bearmos designed a 3-axies CNC stepper motor controller. It has a ATX connector, allowing it to be powered from a computer power supply. The motors are driven via onboad driver chips, while commands are received from the computer Via the parallel port. This board is mainly designed to be inexpensive, have lots of indicators for […]