SuperScope: circuit simulation through Arduino-Processing interface

Here’s a novel application. Supecapacitor has developed a circuit simulation project using Arduino-Processing. As he describes it:

“SuperScope is a circuit simulator app for representing and calculating analog circuits.
What’s so cool about SuperScope is the ability to actually import circuit components (via Arduino Serial) into the program where you can physically manipulate them.
Arduino tests for the value of the component (a capacitor, inductor, resistor, or waveform of specific frequency) then sends the data to Processing. Imported components can then be plugged into circuit schematics. SuperScope builds upon the mission of Arduino, the interface between hardware and software, analog and digital.
SuperScope provides the user with three graphical representations of the circuit. The first is the basic frequency-domain plot; graphing voltage vs. frequency. The second is the vector diagram; depicting the phase and magnitude of the output.
The third is a phasor; a dynamic, analytical representation of the output’s phase and magnitude relative to the input’s.”

The schematic, Processing code and Arduino code are available at Instructables.

Via Instructables.

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  1. Wow! Instructables content where I don’t have to actually give up personal information to see it! (I HATE Instructables.)

    So this is some sort of impedance bridge app using Arduino hardware??

    The video is terrible. How could the Author not know the video was out of focus the whole time it was being shot, and then, post the video like that anyway. Sheeesh.

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