WiFiChron alarm clock

Here’s a cool WiFiChron clock with 8-character alphanumeric LED display by Florinc: For WiFiChron, two cascaded modules make an 8-character display functionally similar to HDSP-2534, but bigger and more visible. With the “Display Abstraction Layer” already in place, software support should be easy to integrate, since controlling it with the HT16K33 breakout allows the re-use of […]

Yet another Arduino clock

Sverre Holm blogged about his Arduino clock project: Its main features are: Controlled by a GPS module outputting data over an RS232 serial interface, and handled with the TinyGPS++ library Shows raw GPS data such as UTC time and date, position, altitude, and number of satellitess Shows derived GPS data such as 6-digit locator Finds local […]

Linux-based clock radio

An open-source Linux-based clock radio from SpriteMods: Ofcourse, a nice PCB with a powerful processor and a nice display only is scrap without the software: especially in this case, it pretty much defines what the device does. While developing the hardware, I already had made the decision to go with Linux and OpenWRT as an OS, as that’s […]

Simple xtal oven for accurate clocks

From the comments on our earlier HP 5350B OCXO repair post, a temperature controlled OCXO xtal oven: This is a very simple and easy to make temperature controller and heater to be attached to a xtal (crystal). The xtal is normally used to clock a microcontroller (PIC or ATMEL etc). Normally xtals provide an accurate clock to […]

Add functions to your Dotklok: Remote control

Boris Landoni  from Open Electronics writes about the Dotklok’s new feature, the addition of a remote control. We wrote about it previously here: The latest variation is the addition of a remote control, implemented with a few lines of code. This function allows you to read the signals sent by the common IR remote control used in TV, […]

504 Segment clock, a 7-segment clock done differently

Bertho  has designed and built this cool 7-segment clock, the 504 Segment clock: At some point I was being silly and got the idea of making a 7-segment clock, but then a bit different. The result became this.  Features include: 72 7-segment displays in three rings; inner (hour) ring 12 displays, middle (minute) ring 24 and outer (seconds) ring 36 […]

Purpleheart ornamental clock

Wardy wrote a post on his blog detailing his ornamental clock build: I wanted to use my new Adafruit Neopixel Ring to build an ornamental clock, using this interesting woodworking technique. Plus I figured that my milling machine might make this a feasible prospect. Milling, in my very limited self-taught experience, is best done using a material […]