Arduino mindreading library

Chris from LVL1 Louisville’s Hackerspace has been working on hacking brainwave sensors using the Arduino. Both the Force Trainer and Mattel MindFlex use a daughterboard from NeuroSky that outputs serial data for values of ‘Wireless link’, ‘Attention’ and Meditation. Both of these devices have the same NeuroSky board, so the *easy* hacking instructions work for […]

Brainwave music maker

Brainwave measurement tools are increasingly being included in hacker projects. In this video, Collin from Make Magazine reveals his progress in producing brainwave-based music. He uses the a NeuroSky MindSet device for measuring EEG activity, which transmits its data via Bluetooth to the Mac. The MindSet Beat Sequencer code for Processing runs on the Mac. […]