Workshop Video #36: Beers in Bunnie’s Workshop

Andrew ‘Bunnie’ Huang is a noted open source hardware designer, XBOX hacker, and architect behind the Chumby. He welcomed us into his personal workshop while we were in Singapore for a tour and a few cold Tiger Beers. First there’s a tour of Bunnie’s workshop that includes highlights like the pile of SMD part reels, […]

GLOBAL GEEK #34: Singapore markets and hackerspace

Visit the major electronics shops in Singapore, and get a guided tour of the Singapore hackerspace. This weekend we were in Singapore for the Maker Faire, so we took a day to do a geek tour. This kicks off the second season of our Global Geek Tours. We’re super excited about this episode. Kelvin arranged […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #33: Singapore Koba Electronics preview

The Singapore Global Geek Tour video isn’t finished yet, but here’s the complete first cut of the Koba Electronics visit. This little shop in China Town is off the beaten path, but our guide Kelvin arranged a visit. We’ve been editing since landing 24 hours ago, but this trip was so epic the completed video […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #32: Zoom H1 v2 sound test and Singapore Maker Faire

We got tired of using integrated cam mics for our videos so we bought a Zoom H1 v2 recorder ahead of our Singapore Maker Faire visit. This quick workshop video tests our new sound setup. In our previous Global Geek Tour videos we had to shout for anything to be heard by the integrated camera […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #31: Sick of Beige standard PCB templates and cases

Are you sick of beige project boxes that hide your cool board and hard work? Wouldn’t it be cool if your project was case ready from the first revision? Sick of Beige cases are simple protectors and enclosures for hobby electronics project. Design your project with our standard PCB templates and it’s ready for an […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #30: Bus Pirate LCD Adapter v3 overview and demo

EEVblog brought up the Bus Pirate LCD adapter this week, so we though it was a good time to talk about the latest v3 hardware revision and do a simple demo. This is a small board that has everything needed to control and test common HD44780 LCD character displays with the Bus Pirate. The latest […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #29: Favorite Bus Pirate features

Today’s video is about our favorite Bus Pirate features. Voltage measurements with the Bus Pirate ADC pin are easier than working with a separate multimeter on an analog project. We read a voltage from an MCP4725 I2C digital to analog converter in the demo using the d and D (continuous) voltage measurement commands. The up/down […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #28: Exploring the serial port

While USB is all around us, the humble (virtual) serial port is still everywhere. Today we explore the serial interface on the Infrared Toy, Bus Pirate, and Logic Sniffer. See a demonstration of the binary interfaces and commands normally used only by software utilities. Grab some terminal software like Tera Term, and Hercules and follow along. […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #26: How to make a simple soldering flux

Flux is a wonderful goo that makes soldering faster and easier. In previous videos we compared different types of commercial flux (Flux off 1, Flux off 2), but did you know it’s possible to make a simple and effective flux at home? We’ll get you started, and don’t miss the giveaway at the end of […]

Workshop Video #25: Get your open hardware manufactured

We look at the four common ways open hardware is commonly manufactured, and show the package of files we send to get our stuff made. This is the ‘studio’ version of our ‘Get your stuff made‘ presentation from OHS2011 New York, MM07 Tokyo, Homecamp4 London, 2012 mini Maker Faire Shenzhen China, and 2012 Bay Area […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #22: How we prepare for the Bay Area Maker Faire

This week we are visiting the Bay Area Maker Faire, so here is a video to explain how we prepare for Maker Faires. You can also check out our Maker Faire tips post, or the wiki version. We’ll have regular updates form the Faire on our blog, and Twitter feed. Stuff to bring to a […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #21: USB POV Toy calibration tests

Today we play around with the latest USB POV Toy hardware and firmware. The POV Toy is a persistence of vision (not division…) device, but we added some special features. First, a USB connection makes it effortless to upload new patterns. Second, an inexpensive accelerometer actively detects the waving motion and syncs the pattern. We […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #20: Flux-off part 2, more flux reviews

This week the flux-off solder flux comparison returns. Our everyday Edsyn FL-22 goes head to head with two AMTECH syringe fluxes in the TQFP arena. Just for fun, we also tried to solder with shards from a solid rosin block. Find out which flux reigns supreme. Edsyn FL22, our everyday favorite syringe flux AMTECH “USA” NC-559-ASM-TPF(UV) […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #19: Part Ninja v1 testing and overview

The Part Ninja identifies electronic components like transistors and FETs, and measures basic specifications. Get an overview of this new project in this week’s workshop video. If you’re at Bay Area Maker Faire next month please stop by and see it in person. We give a preview of the revision 2 board in the video. […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #13: PIC18F2550 breakout board build

This week we build the PIC18F2550 breakout board, and get a box of goodies from Mouser. For this build we used the Goot brand liquid flux , see out how it compares to other fluxes in the flux battle video. For part sources see the Dangerous Prototypes partlist. Workshop videos are an in-development project. Today’s […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #12: New Dangerous Prototypes workshop

Take a tour of our the new workshop that’s setup to document projects and make build videos. Don’t miss last week’s Global Geek Tour to the electronics markets of Seoul. We’ll be back next week with a PIC 18F2550 USB breadboard helper build video. Check out our collection of workshop videos.