GLOBAL GEEK #34: Singapore markets and hackerspace

Visit the major electronics shops in Singapore, and get a guided tour of the Singapore hackerspace. This weekend we were in Singapore for the Maker Faire, so we took a day to do a geek tour. This kicks off the second season of our Global Geek Tours. We’re super excited about this episode. Kelvin arranged […]

Collage video of Omaha Maker Group projects and activities

Here is a collage video of Omaha Maker Group hackerspace projects and activities. The Omaha Maker Group exists to facilitate a place where people can explore Technology, Science and Art.  We operate a community workshop in Omaha, Nebraska and have bi-weekly meetings where people can collaborate, share resources, create, and learn together. We are Omaha’s […]

Hackerspace Global Grid asks for your help

As a response to SOPA, Nick Farr decided that it is time that hackers create their own communication network for the community and by the community. Shackspace jumped on board and started designing a satellite ground station network. They published their works on the project wiki page and listed tasks that you can help with […]

DIY Bus Pirate case

Stan Hall informs us of a Bus Pirate case he made at the OHM Space Corporation, an Oklahoma City hackerspace. Stan created the case using the hackerspace’s member-built CNC router. Case materials include plywood, acrylic and rubber bands. Here’s the link to his writeup. Get your own Bus Pirate for less than $40. Via the […]

Hacker Hostels: Visit hacker spaces, stay cheap, share your skills

Travel to hacker spaces, stay there cheap, share your skillz. Cool idea: Traveling to other Hackerspaces = GOOD Spending a lot of money on Hotel fees = BAD… The Goal: Negate one of the larger expenses associated with travel, namely HOTEL FEES, in order to further promote idea cross-pollination through visitor, ambassador, and Hacker In […]

HackPittsburgh to launch messages via balloon

The crew over at HackPittsburgh is planning on a balloon launch message project today: This Friday (9-2-2011), join us as we celebrate the successful launch of our 4th balloon with more fun with balloons. We have often talked about sending a payload of ping pong balls up with our big balloons and then drop them […]

Dangerous Prototypes hackerspace passport stamp

Dangerous Prototypes has a stamp for your hackerspace passport. To get a ‘visa’, find us at the Open Hardware Summit, Maker Faire, or your local hackerspace. We studied several actual passport stamps when making the design. It has a few official boxes to tick with a (different-colored) ink pen, ostensibly the continent of the meeting. […]

Hackerspace passports

Here’s a really cool idea: hackerspace passports. Mitch Altman, developer of the TV-B-Gone and Brain Machine, has designed a Hackerspace Passport, to provide official, non-government issued credentials to hackers, makers and time travelers visiting hackerspaces and cons throughout the solar system. He writes: I created Hackerspace Passports to: -help promote people visiting as many hackerspaces […]

Vienna hackerspace autoposts realtime project videos

It seems like every hackerspace has their own means of communicating status messages to their members. The hackers at MetaLab in Vienna have put together a rather novel way of letting the world know they have completed a project. While some hackerspaces simply notify their members that they are open for business, they take things […]