Reverse engineering wireless pro studio lighting

Richard Webb just finished an article on reverse engineering the wireless protocol used to communicate with some pro studio lighting. His approach involves sniffing the SPI bus into the lighting controller’s RF module using the Open Bench Logic Sniffer to obtain preliminary addressing information, then used an nRF24L01+ module in receive mode to capture packets. […]

Yet another laser cut Open Bench Logic Sniffer case

  Yet another laser cut Open Bench Logic Sniffer case by builttospec: This one is a bit thinner thanks to the use of brass inserts and 0.06″ acryic for the board layer. The PCB is nice and secure and the buttons are easily accessable without the use of a paper clip or big holes in […]

Yet another Logic Sniffer case

@0x2B2B tweeted, “Case for my OLS, laser cut at @RazorLAB. Design file in post 2byt, make your own! Why the case? Well, being the fan of OSS/OSH (that’s; Open Source Hardware :) that I am, this was a nice, affordable entry into the market of Logic Analysers. It’s always great having bare P.C.B.s because come […]

OpenBench Logic Sniffer ported to Pipistrello LX45

mkarlsson ported the Open Bench Logic Sniffer code to run on Pipistrello LX45: FYI, I have ported the Demon 3.07 code to Pipistrello LX45 FPGA board with the following changes: 1) The sample buffer size is increased by a factor of 8 from 24kB to 192kB 2) The interface is changed to serial (Pipistrello uses a FTDI […]

Cross platform Open Logic Sniffer client 0.9.6 final released

Jawi continues to make excellent progress with the cross-platform Open Logic Sniffer client. Version 0.9.6 final is out. Check out the change log below. New signal display component in place, with most of the long-promised functionality now in place; new default look and feel, thanks to Marius Jonsson; allow OLS to be used over a […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #28: Exploring the serial port

While USB is all around us, the humble (virtual) serial port is still everywhere. Today we explore the serial interface on the Infrared Toy, Bus Pirate, and Logic Sniffer. See a demonstration of the binary interfaces and commands normally used only by software utilities. Grab some terminal software like Tera Term, and Hercules and follow along. […]

Logic Sniffer client 0.96 beta 3 is released

Jawi made excellent strides with the cross-platform client for the Logic Sniffer. Last week v0.96 beta 3 was released. The latest release features an improved UI, as well as dual/quad mode SPI decoding. Most of the UI repainting bugs should be squatted by now (at least the most annoying ones ;)), and some small improvements […]

AVR performance monitoring using the Open Bench Logic Sniffer

Alan wanted to check out just how much performance he could squeeze out of the ATMega328P. He needed was a way to measure the amount of time the CPU actually uses while executing various tasks. Using the Logic Sniffer to read a pin, that he toggles ON when the CPU is executing a task, and […]

Laser cut case for the Logic Sniffer and the Buffer Wing

PariahZero laser cut some black Delrin plastic to build a case for the Logic Sniffer. He also designed a detachable case for the Buffer Wing. If you are interested in the source SVG files for laser cutting, contact him in the forum. I’ve used laser-cut 0.125″ black Delrin plastic; I felt the extra strength (vs. […]

Measuring hexacopter rotor speed with Logic Sniffer

Philip Peter has made a somewhat unconventional use of the Open Bench Logic Sniffer. Recently we suspected that one motor of our hexacopter had been damaged in a crash. Since removing the motor requires almost the complete disassembly of the copter I started thinking of ways to test the motor in place. In this article […]