OpenRISC Conference 2014, Germany

ORCONF has announced plans for their OpenRISC conference. “The annual OpenRISC conference, orconf, will be hosted October 11-12 in Munich, Germany this year. Focus will be on OpenRISC, but we will also have presenters from the RISC-V project and Lattice among others. The conference is free thanks to our sponsors, and more information can be found […]

Open Hardware Summit 2012: USB and Open Hardware presentation

Here is a recording of the “USB and Open Hardware: A Sketchy History” presentation Ian gave at the Open Hardware Summit 2012. The presentation covers the history and conflicts between USB and Open Hardware. Audio feed is direct from the H1N and a lapel microphone. Shaky cam by our very own Mad Skillz. Ian tried […]

USB and Open Source presentation at the Open Hardware Summit 2012

Anxiously waiting to give the “USB and Open Source” presentation at the Open Hardware Summit 2012. The presentation covers the history and conflicts between USB and open source. Ian tried it out in a previous video, but since then we’ve refined and illustrated the presentation. You can download the latest files (Open Office Presenter, or […]

Workshop Update for May 31st, 2012

Today we made a video of the Get your Stuff Made presentation. We also worked on cleaning up the Bus Blaster v2/3/4 buffer logic. Design of the badge for New York Maker Faire started in full. It has options for through-hole or various surface mount part sizes. The picture above is of the latest design. […]

Workshop Video #25: Get your open hardware manufactured

We look at the four common ways open hardware is commonly manufactured, and show the package of files we send to get our stuff made. This is the ‘studio’ version of our ‘Get your stuff made‘ presentation from OHS2011 New York, MM07 Tokyo, Homecamp4 London, 2012 mini Maker Faire Shenzhen China, and 2012 Bay Area […]

Open source hardware presentation by Erik de Bruijn

Erik let us know about his presentation on open-source projects. It uncovers some of the motivation behind an open source project, as well as the means to achieve your goals in open source. I talk about the non-rival nature of information and how a culture of sharing enables the emerging phenomenon of open hardware. Via […]