Video #24: Project interviews at Bay Area Maker Faire 2012

Here’s some new and extended project interviews from Bay Area Maker Faire 2012. These took place at the setup, faire, and after party. Generally a few people bring projects to show us, so we interviewed them right at our own table. msPROBOT– MSP based robot development board Wireless Friend Finder – Radio proximity alert MicroVNC […]

Maker Faire 2012 epilogue: Holy sh*t!!

Maker Faire was more than amazing this year. Thank you for stopping to say hi, demoing your project, listening to our presentation, and being in our video. A huge thanks to Skot for showing the awesome Digit_Grid and talking to so many people about our projects. Thank you Instructables, Macetech, and Jeri Ellsworth for organizing […]

@DangerousProto was the top Tweeter at Bay Area Maker Faire 2012

@DangerousProto was the #1 Tweeter at Bay Area Maker Faire. We tweeted over 50 pictures during the trip. Be sure to follow us for the latest geekery, we’ll be using it a lot more in the future. Congratulations to T-Mobile for making a cell service that doesn’t suck, we used a $3/day unlimited “4G” plan […]

HOW-TO VIDEO #23: Bay Area Maker Faire 2012

Experience the Bay Area Maker Faire from the perspective of a presenter. Veteran Makers talk about their projects, and give advice on preparing for your first Maker Faire. We also take you inside the ‘exclusive’ maker-only pre and post parties. You’ve never seen a Maker Faire video like this. Don’t miss last week’s video with […]

Bay Area Maker Fair 2012: Dangerous Prototypes is the recipient of an Editor’s Choice booth award!

The Dangerous Prototypes booth is a 2012 Editor’s Choice recipient! Congratulations to Skot who is almost certainly responsible for this with his blingy Digit Grid. After we show off the ribbon in a workshop video we’ll sent it to Skot. This is our third year sharing or winning the Editor’s Choice award. It’s not quite […]

Dangerous Taco Crawl pics

Thursday before Maker Faire is the Dangerous Taco Crawl through the Mission District, starting at the Noisebridge hackerspace. Many will start. Not all will finish. Huge thanks to Zach, Jaren, Vin, Fin, Kieth, Josh, John, Louis, Chris, and Jeff. Twelve hackers conquered the taco crawl in 2012. Saturday starts MF2012. These pictures came from the […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #22: How we prepare for the Bay Area Maker Faire

This week we are visiting the Bay Area Maker Faire, so here is a video to explain how we prepare for Maker Faires. You can also check out our Maker Faire tips post, or the wiki version. We’ll have regular updates form the Faire on our blog, and Twitter feed. Stuff to bring to a […]

Bay Area Maker Faire May 19th & 20th, taco crawl, free tickets

We’ll be at the Bay Area Maker Faire on the 19th, and 20th of May this year. This is the big one and it’s a ton of fun. If you’re there please drop by and say hi. On the blog we’ll have our usual Maker Faire coverage and a Maker Faire how-to video. Make gave […]