BMP180 based USB atmospheric pressure monitor

Dilshan Jayakody published a new build: We initially developed this USB atmospheric pressure monitor to study some operating characteristics of Bosch BMP180 sensor. BMP180 is low cost sensor to measuring barometric pressure and temperature. According to the data sheet this sensor can use to measure pressure ranging between 300hPa to 1100hPa. This sensor is introduced […]

Automatic monitor brightness controller

Dilshan Jayakody writes: This is an automatic “monitor brightness controller” based on environmental light conditions. This system use USB port base sensor unit to measure the light level and control monitor brightness accordingly. We design this system to reduce the eye stress by matching the monitor brightness with environmental lighting. Project info at Dilshan Jayakody’s blog.

PICnano Breadboard, a 4-Layer Dirty PCB project

jechavarria shared his small 4-layer board based on the PIC18F2550 microcontroller project in the forum: The goal of this new design is try to have an Arduino Nano compatible module but with some new features, such have direct access to the power supply microcontroller. Via the project log forum.

GTP-USB-Lite programmer re-flashed as USBPICProg

Oakkar7 writes: At the last weekend, I try to flash my GTP-USB-Lite programmer with new firmware and to use new software. The procedure is very simple. – GTP-USB-Lite and USBPICProg are very identical hardwares, USB interface, PIC18F2550, the same charge pump, same programming header’s pin. – The difference are; * GTB-USB lite used 8MHz crystal […]

Hacked GTP USB LITE pic programmer

cmardone of Valpoder wrote an article on hacking the GTP USB LITE usb pic programmer, we wrote about it previously: GTP USB LITE is a pic programmer based on the pic18F2550 disgned by SISPIC from spain A lot of people built this circuit , and it became obsolete.. The firmware has several limitations(ex: driver only for xp) […]

Diolan firmware update tool for PIC18F2550 used in USB IR Toy

Dobrica writes,  “I’m in the process of setting up my HTPC, so I ordered USB IR Toy to be able to turn TV on without using remote control.” Result it fw_update for PIC 18F2550 which IR Toy uses , updated wiki page about IR Toy firmware update on Linux and comment on bug tracker. Hopefully, this will […]

USB custom hardware interface for Unity3D

Here’s a video by Dilshan Jayakody demonstrating the USB custom hardware interface for Unity3D: The custom hardware unit used in this demo is build around Microchip’s PIC18F2550 MCU. This custom USB controller consists with 4 push buttons and linear potentiometer. In supplied demo user needs to control aircraft with those buttons and potentiometer. According to […]

Workshop update May 10th, 2012

Work on the POV Toy continues, and it’s the subject of the workshop video this week. We might as well give up guessing the subject of the next video, it’s whatever is on the bench Thursdays. The firmware is being tweaked and calibrated, and finalized for production. We’re thinking about adding mounting holes to the […]

3D Model: PIC18F2550 Breakout Board

Our latest 3D model is the PIC18F2550 Breakout Board. This project lets you get familiar with the popular PIC18F2550 microcontroller in a breadboard friendly “blade” style breakout board. Check out our tutorial on how to build 3D models from Cadsoft Eagle board files, as well as the tutorial on how to render life like images […]

Another PIC18F2550 USB development board

Palma made a USB development board for the PIC18F2550. These chips are really popular, and there is a bunch of projects floating around the internet with them, even our own USB IR Toy, and USB LCD Backpack use them. This board is basically a breakout board, with decoupling capacitors, and a USB jack. We like […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #13: PIC18F2550 breakout board build

This week we build the PIC18F2550 breakout board, and get a box of goodies from Mouser. For this build we used the Goot brand liquid flux , see out how it compares to other fluxes in the flux battle video. For part sources see the Dangerous Prototypes partlist. Workshop videos are an in-development project. Today’s […]

Build a low speed scope with a PIC18F2550 and a graphical LCD

Steve build a low speed scope from a PIC18F2550 microcontroller and a graphical LCD. The MCU takes 60k samples per second from it’s analog-to-digital converter. It proceeds to process the signal and display it and some basic information on the screen. Steve left the source code, and the schematic on his site. Using the PIC18F2550 […]

USB development board with a custom scriptable language

SigLab is an open source USB development board that takes commands from a small program that runs Python-like scripts. The hardware is basically a PIC18F2550 breakout board, but the firmware makes it easy to get started using the familiar desktop scripting language. SigLab is a combination of open hardware and FOSS (free and open source […]

FIRST DRAFT: Programmable dummy load

  This is a programmable current sink, usually used to simulate  different current loads for power supplies. We have always wanted to build one, but we’ve stalled several times. This design is based on the simple analog load posted by Bearmos. It’s not intended to be a final project, it’s just an experimental prototype to […]

Preview: Open source soldering iron driver v1.5

Today we sent our updated soldering iron driver v1.5 PCB to be fabricated. This is a 100% through-hole reroute of Arhi’s latest gen 3 design. The ground plane is broken into power supply, analog, and digital sections to help reduce noise. PCBs will be available in the free PCB drawer soon if you’d like to […]

Eaglefree PIC18F2550 development board

Jose built a PIC18F2550 development board. It’s on a single layer with all through-hole components, making it friendly to DIY PCB etchers. It was designed using the Eagle free license constraints, and fits within the 10cmX8cm board format. The board features: 8 LEDs. 4 push buttons with pull-down 220Ω resistors. 2 potentiometers. 1 relay with […]

Radio Shack listened: kits now in stock

Radio Shack is now selling educational electronics kits. Walk in in to your nearest store and you will find  about 20 kits ranging small (transistor)blinky to a USB Experiment Interface Board with a Microchip pic18. the kits are manufactured by Velleman, and come with all through-hole components, so a beginner can solder together a kit […]

Secure usb time stamp

Simon Inns created a secure USB time stamp device. This project implements a USB device which provides a real-time clock for the purpose of time-stamping events in an non-networked embedded computer environment. For embedded applications where a periodic time-stamp is required (such as entry-system logs, configuration audit logs, etc.) it is necessary to have a […]