WORKSHOP VIDEO #32: Zoom H1 v2 sound test and Singapore Maker Faire

We got tired of using integrated cam mics for our videos so we bought a Zoom H1 v2 recorder ahead of our Singapore Maker Faire visit. This quick workshop video tests our new sound setup.

In our previous Global Geek Tour videos we had to shout for anything to be heard by the integrated camera microphones.

In Shenzhen the constant drone of construction during the intro and ending meant screaming the bits. This led to awkward karate chopping hand motions for some reason.

On the Star Ferry in Hong Kong there was an Aussie family a few rows away. The dad yelled ‘cut’ after our 3rd take, and got down right aggressive after the 4th. We assume his kids and wife were so embarrassed by his display that it was punishment enough. Hey-oh if you’re out there, you know who you are…

The Zoom H1 should resolve these issues. We’ll wear lapel mics and talk in a normal or quiet library voice. As you can see in the video, the difference is night and day.

Be sure to follow our Twitter feed for live updates from Singapore. We’ll copy the important stuff to the blog for the Twitter haters. If you want to see it live though, or care about Ian’s airport-based grumblings, you’ll need to check Twitter. You don’t have to join, you can just click the link and see the latest posts.

We’ll be back next week with videos from the trip.

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    1. Olympic ME15. It was only $20, and is mono so doesn’t take full advantage of the recorder, but it works. It was the only thing the store had that I could get in time for the trip.

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