WORKSHOP VIDEO #30: Bus Pirate LCD Adapter v3 overview and demo

EEVblog brought up the Bus Pirate LCD adapter this week, so we though it was a good time to talk about the latest v3 hardware revision and do a simple demo. This is a small board that has everything needed to control and test common HD44780 LCD character displays with the Bus Pirate.

The latest version of the LCD adapter was moved to an new standard size PCB, DP6037 (60mmx37mm). This is the same one used by the Bus Pirate v3.6. It also has clearer labeling and prettier graphics.

While we were in there we changed the version to 3. Hopefully there is less confusion about compatibility: the v3 LCD adapter works with Bus Pirate v3x, a forthcoming v4 LCD adapter works with Bus Pirate v4x.

In response to Dave’s suggestion the next batch of LCD adapters will have a 2×8 footprint so it covers both common types of LCDs.

Check out how much better the screen capture is this week. Unfortunately the audio is a bit crunchy, it’ll be fixed next week.

The Bus Pirate is available for $30 including world wide shipping. LCD adapters are available now for $9.00.

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  1. umm… “The Bus Pirate *and* LCD adaptor is available now for $9” ??? Wow, at that price I’ll buy a few Bus Pirates ;)

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