WORKSHOP VIDEO #33: Singapore Koba Electronics preview

The Singapore Global Geek Tour video isn’t finished yet, but here’s the complete first cut of the Koba Electronics visit. This little shop in China Town is off the beaten path, but our guide Kelvin arranged a visit.

We’ve been editing since landing 24 hours ago, but this trip was so epic the completed video will probably weigh in at 21 minutes and 45 seconds. That’s like a real TV show! The final video will be up tomorrow, promise.

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  1. Nice vid.

    I wish I knew this place twelve years ago when I was in S’pore. I remember those bags hanging on the wall with all kind of stuff in it (at that time they were pirated copies of playstation 1 or windows programs, very cheap!) Damn!

  2. This is great :) That shop reminds me of one here in Orlando, albeit not nearly as cram packed with components hanging from the walls. Skycraft is a cool shop, though. You should do an American tour as well. I don’t think we have places like that over here, though.

    I do like the new mic, though. It sounded great.

    1. Skycraft is awesome! I’m lucky that I live in Tampa so it’s only an hour away. I agree that there are definitely good places here in America too.

      BTW: go to Skycraft then find and get a bunch of the “GPS antennas” that are labeled at $3.50 each. They are actually full serial GPS modules (Albeit a little old). They look like radio speaker mics.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. No, I’m sorry, but next time! Also there is an acrylic place we missed that would have been fun to visit.

  3. Hey, we have shops that sell o-rings and driver belts in Akihabara! How come you say this is the first time? When you come again, I’m taking you to those shops again so that yoou remember . :)

      1. yer i watched the video an started drulling.. an now wanting websites for the places you visted if its possable

      2. The website that we know are in the post for the final video linked above. Check the text below the youtube video.

  4. Ian,

    Thank-you so much for making this Video for Singapore. I had visited People Park so often and yet did not realise there is a great electronic store like Koba.

    I visited Koba today and surprise to find many Arduino shield. Bought a few items from them and save me time to order from Internet!!!

    I told them I found the store after your video. Elder Lim is very happy and remember you being a very nice fellow!!!

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