App note: Rework method for surface mount MLCCs

Things you might need to know about doing SMT rework on Multi Layered Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC). An application guide from TDK Rework is necessary when surface mount (SMT) components become misaligned or improperly mounted. This paper will answer questions concerning rework of SMT capacitors. Specifically, equipment, procedures, and technique are covered.

WORKSHOP VIDEO #59: 946A+ solder reflow hot plate

This week we take a look at the 946A+ solder reflow hot plate from our last Shenzhen equipment haul. There’s a ton of no-name 946A+ out there, ours happens to be D-GOLD. They’re all pretty similar, and run about $50 in Shenzhen. Using a kitchen hot plate is a common hack for DIY reflow soldering, […]

Preheating plate + tinfoil = almost reflow

Andrew Tergis presents an interesting method of reflowing SMD components using a preheating plate and tinfoil (to catch infrared energy). He also uses a Fluke temperature probe attached to the PCB to more accurately monitor temperature. This gives newcomers to reflow an idea of the pitfalls involved. Vladimir via the contact form.

App note: Guidelines for soldering QFN lead-less packages

This app note from Texas Instruments covers the basic guidelines on how to solder QFN and SON lead-less package. It includes some PCB design, solder paste screen printing, assembly, and reflow guidelines. Quad flatpack no leads (QFNs) and small-outline no leads (SONs) are leadless packages with electrical connections made via lands on the bottom side […]

PSoC3 system on chip dev-board: SSOP IC soldered

Kartik soldered the first prototype of his PSoC3 development board. He used a no-solder soldering technique to solder the SSOP IC.  He had great success with this technique, after destroying a few PCBs with his old method. Things didnt go that well on the first board I tried out,mainly due to me using the wrong […]