Who says BGA packages are hard to solder

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 in DIY by DP

Here is proof that soldering BGA’s is not that hard. Check out this Mandelbrot zoom fractal engine with a PSP display project (machine translation). The FPGA in a ball grid array package is soldered dead bug style. Now that’s skill.

Via the forum, and Hack a Day.

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9 Responses to “Who says BGA packages are hard to solder”

  1. cde says:

    That’s only because it’s 1mm pitch! That’s basically DIP deadbug soldering level of easy. Try soldering 0.5mm pitched 3mmx2mm bga packages, see how easy that is.

  2. Adrian says:

    I think the “easy / not hard” is tongue firmly in cheek. At least my post in the forum was :-)

  3. Michael Chen says:

    I agree, this could have been much more worse with a smaller pitch. Still, BGA is BGA and props for the soldering skills.

  4. rasz says:

    This almost makes me think it would be possible to deadbug Cypress FX3 in 121-BGA 0.8mm package

  5. Valentin Angelovski says:

    Impressive! I hope he got a schematic for all that somewhere and not simply wired it as he went along.. }:A

  6. thunderlord says:

    Still it’s a 484-pin BGA!

  7. thunderlord says:

    Imagining soldering of XC7V2000T-1FLG1925CES9937 1925-FCBGA (45×45) :)

  8. Winston says:

    What do you call a cross between a EE and a precision jeweler? This guy.

  9. Chris Jones says:

    Here is my attempt at dead-bugging a finer pitch BGA, though thankfully with fewer pins. It works, but I wouldn’t trust it to keep working in a rough environment:

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