App note: Using BGA Packages

Space saving BGA packages application note (PDF) from Fairchild Semiconductors. Demanding space and weight requirements of personal computing and portable electronic equipment has led to many innovations in IC packaging. Combining the right interface and logic products with new package technology can have a significant impact on the capabilities and form-factor of the end product. […]

NEW PROJECT: BGA Reballing Practice Kit, removal, reballing, soldering exercise

At Hacker Camp Shenzhen we learned to reball BGA chips at a mobile phone repair school. This technique was developed to repair cell phones with little to no equipment. That means no expensive reballing rigs, no collection of tiny replacement BGA balls. Just simple hand tools. We thought it was so cool we bought all […]

App note: Ball grid array explained

Here is Texas Instrument’s application note on Ball Grid Array IC packages. It provides general information about BGAs, and the many versions of the same. Leaders in the consumer electronics industry will be determined by their ability to deliver increasingly miniaturized products at lower costs. The Ball Grid Array (BGA) package achieves these objectives by […]

Workshop video #01: Sjaak solders a QFN chip, attempts the BGA challenge

We took our cameras on the road and visited Sjaak’s workshop this week. He showed us how he solders QFN chips with a bit of hot air and normal drag-soldering. We also surprised him with a challenge to solder a tiny BGA chip, see how it turns out. Here’s some links mentioned in the video: […]