QuickPSoC3 v2 – PSOC3 mini development board

Kartik revised his EzPSoC3 board into the new quick QuickPSoC3. These boards are mini development platforms for PSoC3 system-on-chip ICs from Cypress. Here is a list of features on the new board: Longer pads(almost 3x) so it makes soldering the SSOP part easier for beginners. Widened power tracks to 70mils Arranged pins(see top-left) such that […]

DIY EzPSoC3 development board built and tested

Kartik tested the DIY EzPSoc3 development board. After fighting with some annoying short-circuits, he was able to get the board up and running. The MiniProg3 programmer-debugger recognized it right away. He was able to program a bootloader and a small “blink-LED” demo. You can download the source files from his site. Via the forum.

PSoC3 system on chip dev-board: SSOP IC soldered

Kartik soldered the first prototype of his PSoC3 development board. He used a no-solder soldering technique to solder the SSOP IC.  He had great success with this technique, after destroying a few PCBs with his old method. Things didnt go that well on the first board I tried out,mainly due to me using the wrong […]

Custom PSoC3 development board updates

Kartik continues to develop his custom PSoC3 dev-board. In this update he was mainly concerned with adhering to USB guidelines. Another major change is the removal of a crystal oscillator. After checking out some Cypress development boards, Katrik noticed that most PSoC boards use an internal IC clock instead of crystals or oscillators. So he […]

PSOC3 custom board development

We wrote about Kmmankad effort to build a custom PSOC3 development board. After the initial design, he consulted Cypress engineers about his board. They advised him how-to improve his design. Here are the latest revisions: Added additional vias between the top and bottom layers to improve return paths. Crystal routing improved(Capacitors on same side,traces shorter). […]