PSoC3 system on chip dev-board: SSOP IC soldered

Kartik soldered the first prototype of his PSoC3 development board. He used a no-solder soldering technique to solder the SSOP IC.  He had great success with this technique, after destroying a few PCBs with his old method. Things didnt go that well on the first board I tried out,mainly due to me using the wrong […]

Bus Pirate development week – day 1

This week is dedicated to Bus Pirate development. We’re cleaning up firmware v6 and getting ready for a final release. Today we documented the development process to help any prospective developers find their way around the Bus Pirate source. In the video: Compile the Bus Pirate firmware Basic work with SVN Soldering a demo board […]

Compile the Bus Pirate firmware

This is an old version, see the latest version on the documentation wiki. You don’t need a Microchip programmer to develop firmware for the Bus Pirate. You can use Microchip’s free development tools and upload code through the USB bootloader. It’s a mini PIC 24F development board! First, download and install Microchip’s IDE called MPLAB, […]

Confessions of a prototyper: Server v2

The original web server on a business card Ian posted at Hack a Day was a homemade single-sided PCB with a few jumper wires. A version 2 was designed on a professional PCB, which opened up a lot of possibilities for new features. We added a 128×128 color Nokia knock-off LCD to make a network-connected […]

Bus Pirate: v3 update

***We’ll start a preorder ($30 assembled, shipped worldwide) if there are a few firm commitments, sign up for notification in the forum.*** This rendering shows the nearly-complete Bus Pirate v3 PCB. Our initial preview of the new hardware generated some really good comments. We decided to swap the PGC and PGD pins of the ICSP […]

Confessions of a prototyper: Bus Pirate v1.5

The Bus Pirate V2a and V2go weren’t the only design candidates for the Bus Pirate v2 series. Here’s a rendering of the Bus Pirate ‘v1.5’, a design that never saw the light of day. This Bus Pirate was meant to be completely portable. It has an LCD to display the terminal, and a keyboard jack […]

Bus Pirate v3: Beating the shortage

UPDATE II: PCB stuffed and tested. UPDATE I:***We’ll start a preorder ($30 assembled, shipped worldwide) if there are a few firm commitments, sign to be notified and check the forum.*** The next version of the Bus Pirate universal serial interface is about a week away from prototyping. Why a new version so soon, when Hack […]