AVR high voltage programmer 2

Dilshan Jayakody posted an update on his AVR high voltage programmer project we covered previously: AVR-HV2 is Arduino based high voltage parallel programmer for AVR microcontrollers. This programmer can read, write, and erase both flash memory and EEPROM. Also, this can use to set fuse bits of AVR MCUs. Compare with the previous version of […]

Open hardware pogo-pin programmer

Ethan Zonca of Protofusion writes: The PogoProg is a small open source hardware pogo pin programming solution. The PogoProg does not need a physical connector on the board, it uses surface-mount pads for signals and thru-holes for alignment. Two standard footprints are available, the smallest of which takes up very little space–only 7.6mm x 1.2mm! […]

FabISP – a home-built AVR in-system programmer

David designed a home-built AVR in-system programmer. It’s built on the USBtiny and V-USB firmwares and uses a ATtiny44 microcontroller to communicate with avrdude over USB and a target microcontroller over the 6pin IDC cable. The FabISP is an in-system programmer for AVR microcontrollers, designed for production within a FabLab. That is, it allows you […]

MEEPROMMER: (E)EPROM programmer based on Arduino hardware

mkeller0815 built  his own programmer – the MEEPROMMER, that is available at github: The idea behind this EEPROM programmer was to have a tool to get data on a 28Cxxx EEPROM for my own 6502 based computer. There are a lot of professional programmers you can buy, but for a lot of money. Using cheap […]

AVR programmer from an old USB keyboard

Steve takes apart an USB keyboard and mods it into an AVR programmer. All it takes is the controller board from a keyboard and an opto-coupler IC. Most keyboards have at least three indicator LEDs (Num-,  Caps- and Scroll-Lock), which can be controlled from the host using a HID Set_Report request, and thus can be […]

Using the MSP430 LaunchPad to program MSP430 microcontrollers

Kerry wrote a tutorial on how to use the MSP430 LaunchPad to program external (off board) standalone MSP430 microcontrollers. To program an external MSP430G2 device, you need to simply remove all the jumpers from the LaunchPad develpment board and connect the TEST, RST and ground pins with your target device (see picture below). Since the […]

Little Wire – Minimal AVR programmer update

Ihsan made some updates to his Little Wire project. In order to reach more people out there , i wrote a Processing library for the Little-Wire. It’s still in progress but i’m uploading an example Analog voltage plotting program screenshot that i tested. I used mainly two sources to achive this library. Here is one.  […]

DSJTAG – USB JTAG debugger and programmer for both Xilinx and Altera IDEs

Seeed has a cheap JTAG programmer/debugger for both major FPGA/CPLD brands. It emulates both the Xilinx Platform USB Cable and Altera USB blaster JTAG programmers with a flip of a switch. As a Xilinx Platform USB Cable it is supported by the manufacture’s iMPACT, ISE, Chipscope and EDK software bundles. The firmware is upgradable through […]

Ultra-small vusbtiny AVR programmer

Philip wanted to make the smallest vusbtiny AVR programmer possible. His design incorporates both an edge PCB and a mini-B cable connector for the USB. Vusbtiny is a AVR programer based on the V-USB virtual low-speed USB firmware. V-USB is a software USB engine for AVR devices that don’t have hardware USB serial interface engines. […]

Bus Pirate PIC programmer can now program Bus Pirate v4

Bus Pirate PIC programming utility can now program Bus Pirate v4. This means any Bus Pirate v2, v3, or v4 can program any other Bus Pirate version as well. Thank you to Tayken, Robots, and LongHairedHacker for their work on this project. Note: the PIC programming adapter is not needed to program a Bus Pirate. […]

Audioino: Arduino programmable via sound card

Here’s a unique way to program an Arduino chip: using your computer’s sound card! Chris from the hobby-roboter forum provides the details on this amazing hack in his forum post. The process simply requires the Atmega168 to be programmed with Chris’ special audio bootloader. The whole project requires only the addition of three resistors, two […]

Versaloon programmer

Versaloon is a full-opensource platform for multiple applications, including a programmer, debugger, logic tester, logic analyzer and simple oscilloscope. It’s based on generic USB_TO_XXX protocol, which can support more than 10 kinds of interfaces including JTAG, SWD, SPI, IIC and so on. USB_TO_XXX is not only used to control these interfaces, but also it can […]

Bus Pirate PIC programmer v0.2

piratePICprog programs PIC microcontrollers using the Bus Pirate. Newer PICs are programmed directly, like the 18F24J50 on the Logic Sniffer and the 24FJ64GA002 on the Bus Pirate. Older PICs, like the 12F/16F/18F require a 13volt supply to enter programming mode, an adapter will be ready soon. piratePICprog v0.2 is now available in the forum. It’s […]

Week in (p)review: June 27, 2010

Last week was full of firmware updates. Here’s some highlights, in case you missed them: Bus Pirate firmware v5 was released. There were a few bug reports, a v5.1 update will probably be released this week. Go north, but don’t fall off the edge. Another release for the Bus Pirate: bootloader v4.3 with a few […]