Bus Pirate PIC programmer v0.2

Posted on Thursday, August 5th, 2010 in Bus Pirate, PiratePICprog by Ian

piratePICprog programs PIC microcontrollers using the Bus Pirate. Newer PICs are programmed directly, like the 18F24J50 on the Logic Sniffer and the 24FJ64GA002 on the Bus Pirate. Older PICs, like the 12F/16F/18F require a 13volt supply to enter programming mode, an adapter will be ready soon.

piratePICprog v0.2 is now available in the forum. It’s a very early demo release that only fully supports a single chip. It’ll program and read an 18F24J50, program a 24FJ64GA002, and ID an 18F2550.

Use examples and instructions, development links, and more, are on the piratePICprog wiki page.

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