EZ-USB-FX1 based PSOC 3/5 programmer

Posted on Friday, November 11th, 2011 in project logs by DP

Zeta built a Cypress PSOC 3/5 programmer with the EZ-USB-FX1 IC:

The First touch kits have an embeded programmer based on EZ-USB FX2LP so I wanted to clone it. I didn’t have any FX2LP and didn’t want to wait a week to get some on my mailbox, but I happen to have some FX1 chips and since the FX2LP claims to be pin/funtion/code compatible with FX2 that in turn is compaible wih the FX1, I’ve decided to built it based on the FX1 and some pasives I had on my parts drawer..

We think that programmable system-on-chip ICs from Cypress are cool. They are basically microcontrollers with programmable analog and logic gate arrays built in. The development boards and programers for these chips can be expensive, which makes Zeta’s cheap design attractive.

Via the forum.

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3 Responses to “EZ-USB-FX1 based PSOC 3/5 programmer”

  1. x893 says:

    Perfect ! Can you publish schematic/layout (via Eagle) ? I use PSoC5 and try reproduce myself.

  2. willemite says:

    I second that! would love to check out how you did this

  3. Zeta says:

    Thanks DP for publishing my small build.

    I have uploaded eagle .sch and .brd files to the forum.

    please post there if you have sucess building and using it.

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