Huge saving @ Seeeday December 10th 2014 EST

Huge saving @ Seeeday December 10th 2014 EST! Up to 70% off of all items. Free shipping over 3 items your purchase. (Available for Registered Air Parcel Only, Weight Less Than 2KG) More than 60 items ready for additional fire sales of $0.99, $1.90, $2.90, $3.90, $4.90 and $9.90 USD; Easy shop within 12 different […]

Review: building publicLab’s DIY spectroscopy kit

Rohit writes, I made a Opensource Spectroscope using the publiclab’s kit. I was surprised to see the kind of accuracy you can get from these easy to make Spectroscopes. I probed around a lot of light sources like LEDs, Sunlight, Tubelights and Bulbs. With LEDs I was able to estimate the forward drop in a […]

EasyPIC v7 development board review

Raj of Embedded Lab has posted a detail review of mikroElektronika’s popular EasyPIC v7 development board: MikroElektronika, a Belgrade, Serbia-based company is well-known for producing quality software and hardware development tools for a wide range of microcontroller families, including PIC, AVR, and ARM processors. Their mikroC Pro for PIC has always been my favorite PIC compiler, […]

Bus Pirate cable professionally printed shrink tubes

Professionally printed shrink tubes arrived for the Bus Pirate probe cable prototype we discussed yesterday. 110 each of 10 labels cost 180RMB ($30). These are about about 5x more expensive than printing them ourselves on the L-Mark (ribbon+tube cost). The the print quality is more consistent than ours and the font nicer, but when it’s […]

Bus Pirate cable and L-Mark LK-320P heat shrink printer

We’ve been on a multiyear quest to make a durable, affordable, usable probe cable for the Bus Pirate. The one currently sold by Seeed is inexpensive (good) but I’ve never been a fan of the probe hooks used. I typically use male:female, or female:female individual probe wires sold in bundles at Seeed, Adafruit, etc. With […]

Agilent 34461A miniseries part 1 Histogramm and Cdf

Michael Rubitschka writes: Today I received a Agiltent 34461A Truevolt multimeter from the Austrian Agilent distributor. I plan to write some articles about this  multimeter and especially about features which imho separates it from it’s competition. I am a Hewlett Packard / Agilent fan but I will try hard to be as unbiased as […]

Reviewing Dorji’s DSTH01 digital temperature and humidity sensor module

Raj did a review of Dorji’s DSTH01 digital temperature and humidity sensor module: The DSTH01 module is smaller than 0.4″X0.4″ in dimension and operates at 2.1-3.6V power supply. The pull-up resistors for I2C lines are available on board. I tested this sensor module with Crowduino (an Arduino Duemilanove clone with Atmega328) using Jonas Bo Jalling’s Si7005 Arduino […]

Turnigy 9X review – 9 Channel RC transmitter

Oscar Liang did a review of the Turnigy 9X RC transmitter: The Turnigy 9X is one of the best RC transmitters out there at the moment for it’s price. For $60, you’ll get a 9 channel transmitter (8 usable), a receiver and a bind plug, but with no battery. I have been using this transmitter for over […]

Digitstump’s Black Friday sale

Ihsan informs us of Digitstump’s Black Friday sale: We are pleased to announce that will be offering some amazing deals for Black Friday thru Cyber Monday – while we can’t compete with the big stores, because we don’t have 2-3x mark-up like they do, we hope these deals will help you buy engaging, educational, electronic gifts […]

Seeed Studio’s new PCB assembly prototype service

Seeed Studio PCBA prototype service testing:     Appreciated you use our fusion PCB service before. For greatly increase your efficiency for your product design from prototype stage, it bring a new service for your check. We are going to launch a new service online at the end of July—PCB assembly prototype service. We could help […]

Quick test of the PS-305D PSU

Mats did a review of the PS-305D PSU he bought from Smart-Prototyping: I ran some basic measurements on the PS-305D (Linear 0-30V/0-5A, 1mA Display) I recently bought from Smart-Prototyping.The internal volt meter in the PSU seems reasonably well calibrated.Then I tested the Constant Current capabilities with having a direct short circuit through my DMM. It […]

Talking Electronics Frequency Counter

John Boxall over at Tronixstuff has a detailed review of Talking Electronics’ Frequency Counter: The counter works by using a multi-vibrator using a CD4047 to generate a square-wave at 50, 500 and 5 kHz, and the three trimpots are adjusted to calibrate the output. The incoming pulses to measure are fed to the 4026 decade counter/divider ICs. Three of […]

The MAX7219 LED display controller – real or fake?

John Boxall over at Tronixstuff has a detailed review of the differences between the real MAX7219 and the others: A few people have been asking me of late, and there’s only one way to find out … so over the last month I ordered eight random “MAX7219s” from different suppliers on ebay and will compare them […]

Protostack 40 pin AVR development board and ATMega32A development kit

Protostack has announced the release of their two newest products, the 40 pin AVR development board and ATMega32A development kit: The board allows you to build microcontroller circuits using the 40 pin AVR microcontrollers.  It measures 127 x 93.98mm, includes a large breadboard style prototyping area and many power supply options.

TS3300 switching regulator coupled with an LDO in same package

Steve Taranovich has posted this review of the TS3300 switching regulator coupled with an LDO in same package:    Touchstone, with its first analog power management product, has enhanced such a function with the capability to use supply voltages down to 0.6V while still being able to deliver a 75 mA output current. The device […]