REVIEW: Sure electronics WiFi web server module

We covered Sure’s WIFI web server module previously. This board has a MRF24WB0MB wireless module and a PIC24FJ256GB106 with USB (host and slave) capabilities. As a bonus the board also has a mini-sd connector for storing webpages. At a first glance the board looks very clean and well designed with a nice silkscreen. Cost was $59.90 […]

Demo: Sure-electronics DE-DP014

To demonstrate some of the new commands from the new firmware 5.2, we interfaced the DE-DP014 from Sure-electronics. This is a single, SPI-like controllable 1.8″ single 5×7 dotmatrix. It has an on-board PIC controller which stores a special ASCII font. The package consist of two units, a simple demo board and two 10-pin cables. Sure […]

Bus Pirate script for 8×32 LED matrix

will_j posted a Bus Pirate script that controls a Sure Electronics 8×32 LED marquee: Here’s a quick and dirty perl script to display ‘BPv3’ on a Sure Electronics 8×32 LEd Matrix display. You can also use a 16×24 display if you change the second command code to 44 from 40. Any improvements gratefully received – […]