Vote in the 2013 Hackerspace Challenge

Radio Shack and Popular Mechanics are sponsoring a Hackerspace Challenge designed to determine which of two competing finalists best exemplifies the theme ” From something old, make something new.” The contest pits the Milwaukee Makerspace Morgifying Marble Manipulation Machine (aka: M6) against Inspiration Labs’ Police Callbox Lander (a Biofeedback-Controlled Game) with the winner taking a […]

Radio Shack contest: vote in the East-West Hackerspace Challenge

Radio Shack has announced a contest to decide which of two hackerspaces produced the more awesome project. RS says the voting is open through August 15, 2012 and one winner drawn at random from the voters will receive a $1,000 RadioShack Gift Card. Visit the contest voting page to view videos of the entries by […]

Radio Shack to carry Arduino

Radio Shack has announced that they will begin carrying Arduino boards and shields. The product list (with RS part numbers) includes the Arduino Uno REV 3 (2760128), Arduino Mega 2560 REV3 (2760127), Arduino Mega ADK (2760129), Arduino Ethernet Shield Without PoE Module (2760130), Arduino Motor Shield (2760131), the Arduino SD Shield (2760132) and the Arduino […]

Radio Shack listened: kits now in stock

Radio Shack is now selling educational electronics kits. Walk in in to your nearest store and you will findĀ  about 20 kits ranging small (transistor)blinky to a USB Experiment Interface Board with a Microchip pic18. the kits are manufactured by Velleman, and come with all through-hole components, so a beginner can solder together a kit […]