Workshop Update for July 9th, 2012

Today we finished building latest revision, and started testing the secret project firmware. We found a couple of bugs in our latest PCB design. The ‘DIR’ pin of the 74xx245 transceiver was connected to GND instead of being pulled high, and the ‘R/W’ pin of the LCD was left unconnected. We also organized in-progress projects […]

Workshop Update for July 5th, 2012

Today is Workshop Video Thursday so we spent a lot of time in filming and editing. We still haven’t found a great solution for the screen capture software. Firmware development took a hit today, as we wasted most of the time following wrong assumptions. While implementing the final “menu activated” function, we somehow broke the […]

Workshop Update for July 4th, 2012

UPS package finally corralled, and will be delivered tomorrow. A 74HCT245 will complete a long-delayed final revision of a certain secret prototype. We prepared for tomorrows workshop video on serial port interfacing. We arranged a giveaway for a coming week, and perhaps the first sponsor of the 2012 Open 7400 Competition. Today we continued contacting […]

Workshop Update for June 28th, 2012

Video editing, and filming ate most of our day. We did get some time to finalize our part kit list. We found a few eBay suppliers offering good wholesale prices. SMD transistors, and diodes are a bit harder to find. We also made some tweaks to our partlist to accommodate easier-to-source parts. Secret project firmware […]