Workshop update May 10th, 2012

Work on the POV Toy continues, and it’s the subject of the workshop video this week. We might as well give up guessing the subject of the next video, it’s whatever is on the bench Thursdays. The firmware is being tweaked and calibrated, and finalized for production. We’re thinking about adding mounting holes to the next revision to mount it on top of motors or fan blades for a constant POV display.

Firmware for the board from flux off part deux is one menu system closer to completion. Rotary encoders have been moved to interrupts. Code for the primary feature is nearly complete. We also scooped up the domain name for this project.

We revised our Eagle footprint library to match the common trimmer resistors we’ve been using. This update went into the John Doe project above too. Tomorrow we start the final hardware revision.

Routing of the anonymous breakout board is done. A quote request is out to Seeed Studio.

Work on the open source USB stack continues. Documentation is close to being finished, though we’ll need a new page for the recently added HID support.

Quotes from Seeed for the Bus Pirate Demo board V5, and the PIC18F2550 breakout board came in. We’ll also have a quote for the XTIDE v2.0a soon, just for the sake of curiosity. How much will it cost to manufacture the first new XT hardware in a decade? We’ll find out, though we had to clarify the DIP switch model first.

How do you like workshop updates? Should we keep them up?

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  1. What is that a picture of? It looks like an arduino shield with two rotary encoders and an LCD, right? Is that a device you made?

  2. I love these update. It shows what you guys really do and also gives you a feeling of how much hard work is really involved in the projects you are working on.

    1. I agree, this shows that you are always working on things. I look forward to new posts in the blog, this is just another thing to look forward to every day. Now, if you can figure out a way to post a new shop video every day ( or two )

      1. The more we do it, the more it works into the workflow. They might not all have high production value, but I hope to do a quick update every few days eventually.

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