App note: CoolRunner-II character LCD module interface

Xilinx has an application note explaining how to use LCD modules with a CPLD. CoolRunner-II CPLDs can be used to control dot-matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) modules. The low-power characteristics of LCD modules make them an ideal complement to the CoolRunner-II family. These displays typically require 3.3V signals. However, this is not of concern because […]

Mini robot design using CoolRunner-II CPLD

It’s National Robotics Week, and what would National Robotics Week be without a CPLD based mini robot design? Here’s a mini robot design project outline (PDF!) found in the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology journal. While it’s not a “how to” style article (no schematic/code provided), it describes the advantages of using CPLDs […]

Week in (p)review: April 01, 2011

Don’t forget to share your current project in the comments or the forum. This week our favorite project gets a free QFP protoboard. Here’s a summary of major developments over the last week: We released XC9572XL and XC2C64A (CoolRunner-II) CPLD development boards USB IR Toy v1 and Web platform v1.1 are back in stock at […]

Xilinx CPLD schematic libraries guide

When you get your CPLD development board, you’ll want to start coding! Programs for Xilinx CPLDs are most commonly written in Verilog or VHDL, and you will find examples on our CPLD page. A third way which is usually easier for beginners is schematic entry which you can do in the free Xilinx ISE WebPack. […]

Free PCB: CPLD development boards

To celebrate the launch of our new CPLD development boards we’re giving away PCBs. Just ask for a CoolRunner-II or XC9572XL dev-board in the comments, if you have a project in mind we’d like to hear about it too. Assembled CoolRunner-II and XC9572XL development boards are available now for $15.

NEW PROTOTYPE: CoolRunner-II CPLD development board

Ever get stuck choosing the right logic chip combination or voltage level translator? Give up the hunt and create your own custom logic chip. CPLDs can give you the logic you need, with the pinout you want, while saving board space and board revisions. The CoolRunner-II XC2C CPLD has two separate banks of pins that […]

Xilinx CPLD applications handbook

This document from Xilinx could easily be titled “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Xilinx CPLDs But Didn’t Know Where to Look.” Its the Xilinx CPLD Applications Handbook, featuring the CoolRunner-II and XC9500XL. It’s a 422 page compendium of application notes, hardware interfacing tips and specs that any Xilinx CPLD user will want to […]