App note: CoolRunner-II character LCD module interface

Xilinx has an application note explaining how to use LCD modules with a CPLD.

CoolRunner-II CPLDs can be used to control dot-matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) modules. The low-power characteristics of LCD modules make them an ideal complement to the CoolRunner-II family. These displays typically require 3.3V signals. However, this is not of concern because CoolRunner-II devices are 3.3V tolerant. Thus, it is possible to achieve ultralow power at a 1.8V core voltage while using 3.3V at the I/O.

The 6 page PDF can be downloaded here. Xilinx also has the design files available in a zip file download. This design uses a total of only 40 macrocells, allowing it to fit into an XC2C64A device used on our Coolrunner-II CPLD Development Board.

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