Review of the XC9572XL clone by Numato Lab

A few weeks ago Numato Lab ported our XC9572XL CPLD breakout board to KiCad. Hilipka got one of their assembled boards for free and wrote a review. its quite a nice board, feeld of high quality even included an oscillator the JTAG header is not labeled at all, making it difficult in the beginning I […]

XC9572XL breakout board: Frequency counter

Jason implemented a frequency counter on an XC9572XL CPLD. It uses a 1Mhz clock to count the duration of the input signal pulse, and shows the output on a 6 digit display. Initially he had to use additional 7400 logic ICs to convert BCD output from the CPLD to the 7-segment displays. With some tweaking […]

XC9572XL CPLD development board build

Haley posted build pictures of the XC9572XL CPLD development board from a free PCB Sunday. Thanks for posting a picture of the completed board! Under our new unlimited free PCB program Haley received a coupon code for a new free PCB. Get an assembled XC9572XL development board for $15. A CoolRunner-II dev-board is also available for […]

Week in (p)review: April 01, 2011

Don’t forget to share your current project in the comments or the forum. This week our favorite project gets a free QFP protoboard. Here’s a summary of major developments over the last week: We released XC9572XL and XC2C64A (CoolRunner-II) CPLD development boards USB IR Toy v1 and Web platform v1.1 are back in stock at […]

Re-animating the PDP-11/70 with CPLD, ethernet

J. Peterson updated a PDP-11/70 console with an ethernet controller and a CPLD to control the blinking LEDs: I’ve always missed that visual and tactile aspect of computers that’s been lost since the advent of microprocessors. When a console for a PDP-11/70 came up for sale on Ebay, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring […]

Free PCB: CPLD development boards

To celebrate the launch of our new CPLD development boards we’re giving away PCBs. Just ask for a CoolRunner-II or XC9572XL dev-board in the comments, if you have a project in mind we’d like to hear about it too. Assembled CoolRunner-II and XC9572XL development boards are available now for $15.

NEW PROTOTYPE: XC9572XL CPLD development board

Ever get stuck choosing the right logic chip combination or voltage level translator? Give up the hunt and create your own custom logic chip. CPLDs can give you the logic you need, with the pinout you want, while saving board space and board revisions. The Xilinx XC9500XL family has some of the cheapest and readily-available […]