Xilinx CPLD applications handbook

This document from Xilinx could easily be titled “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Xilinx CPLDs But Didn’t Know Where to Look.” Its the Xilinx CPLD Applications Handbook, featuring the CoolRunner-II and XC9500XL. It’s a 422 page compendium of application notes, hardware interfacing tips and specs that any Xilinx CPLD user will want to refer to on a continuing basis. From the basics of driving LEDs to designing your own smart card reader, it’s in here!

The handbook covers the family of CPLDs contained on our soon-to-be-released CPLD development boards!

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  1. why again was i working with altera stuff?
    ow right, cheap programmer(USBblaster clone 15 dollars), anyone knows an affordable xilinx programmer?

  2. The Bus Pirate can be used to program Xilinx CoolRunner and other programmable devices.

    Check out this link for details on the urJTAG program, or here for the Bus Pirate JTAG XSVF player.

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