Build your own testing/programming jig

Sjaak has published a new build: Inspired by an old article from sparkfun and some tests I conducted myself I came up with a PCB that holds the pogopinholders and an lasercut acrylic fixture for the PCB on top. Using the dirt(y)cheap services from the cost for this jig, including pogopins and their holders is […]

Importing SVG images as polygons Into Eagle

Here’s an SVG image to Eagle polygon importer called svg2poly. It seems like an excellent alternative to the BMP importing plugin we’ve been using to make cool silkscreen artwork for our boards. Surprisingly often, I find myself wanting to import vector images into eagle, and have them appear as polygons – usually for silkscreen. Whilst […]

Designing Eagle footprints from mechanical drawings

Adafruit shows how to accurately design footprints in Eagle. The process imports the mechanical drawing into Eagle, and the footprint is traced over this template. It’s best used for mechanical parts – connectors, buttons, jacks, etc – that have complicated footprint designs. You can also check out our guide to building simple footprints in Eagle, […]

Eagle Monday: Easier way to make parts in Eagle

Chuck wrote to us with a short tutorial on a simpler way to make footprints in Cadsoft Eagle. See our tutorial here. Hello, my name is Chuck and I’ve been following your site for several months now. I was reading through the Eagle “How to make parts” tutorial and noticed you guys are making the […]

Designing multilayer PCBs in Cadsoft Eagle

Rik shows how to design PCBs with more than two layers  in Cadsoft Eagle. The tutorial covers the basics, as well as some advanced subjects like BGA escape routing. Keep in mind you’ll need a standard or pro version of Eagle, as the free version doesn’t support designs with more then 2 layers. Via the […]

Workshop Update for June 25th, 2012

Today we made some site updates: The tracker now allows ready only, WordPress publish bug fixed by deactivating (non functioning) Google+ integration plugin. We also sent two new project sales pages to Seeed, which should be up in a day or two. Work on the secret project firmware continues. Today we implemented a buffer that […]

Workshop Update for June 19th, 2012

Today was mostly documentation day. We wrote another Eagle tutorial, this time on how to make plated holes for your PCBs. We will run it tomorrow, as our regular “HOW TO” post. We also continued with some renders of a soon to be released product. We spent lots of time editing the render in Photoshop, […]

Workshop Update for May 28th, 2012

Today we had meetings, cleaned up the workshop, and worked on our application to the Open Hardware Summit. OHS applications are due the 31st (Thursday), we’ll post ours as soon as it’s done. We continued updating and cleaning up our Eagle part library, and made some adjustments to a soon-to-be-released PCB. Capacitor measurement in now […]