BOMtools: Python scripts build Kicad part database

Steve Rodgers has been busy coding. He’s developed a set of Python scripts (BOMtools) which allow you to extract part numbers from a Kicad schematic and match them to a part number database.

There are two scripts. One which does the part merge operation and is called from Kicad and the other which manages the database and is used from the command line.

The merge script takes the part number from the schematic and pulls in the part title/description, manufacturer and manufacturer part number. It also collates the reference designators ascending orderusing commas and dashes. The merge program outputs a .csv file so you can use your spreadsheet program to view the BOM.

The manager script allows new part numbers to be queried, listed, added or modified.

You can find Steve’s code on GitHub.

Via the contact form.

By keeping your own part number database, you can manage your BOM’s more efficiently.”

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