Aperture scripting: Panelize and manipulate Gerber files

  Doub has announced the release of the Aperture scripting, a set of Lua libraries to manipulate PCB data files. He writes: At the core of my Gerber Viewer (that you’ve made quite popular, thank you all), there’s always been a set of Lua libraries to load the Gerber and Excellon files, and I’ve privately […]

Script to query Gerber file outer dimensions

Script to query Gerber file outer dimensions: At Wayne & Layne, we design a lot of circuit boards. During the request-for-quote (RFQ) process for getting a PCB fabricated, the outside dimensions of the PCB are an important driver of the overall per-unit price. As part of the W&L “prepare PCB for RFQ” process, we have […]

PCB Visualizer – Free online PCB data verification service

PCB Visualizer is a free online PCB verification service. Basically you upload your gerbers, setup the design rule check (DRC), and you get a graphical representation of what your PCB will look like. It points out any problems that didn’t pass the DRC. Via Electronics Lab.

Panelize 4 DP6037 standard PCBs on a single cheap PCB order

Schazamp is making a community order of Bus Pirate v4 Sick of Beige PCBs. He decided to use Seeed Studio’ss cheap PCB service and hack together 4 Bus Pirates on one 10x10cm PCB. He hit a little snag with combining the gerbers, but Ernie helped him out. Since the Bus Pirate uses our DP6037 standard PCB […]

Improving open source hardware: Visual diffs

Sebastian send us a link to an article that explains how visual diffs can improve open source hardware. Doing change logs and version control with source code is easy to implement, since it comes down to comparing two text files. While trying to find differences between two revisions of the same hardware is a bit […]