Motherboard saved with the Bus Pirate and flashrom

Nashith rescued his Intel D945GCLF board using the Bus Pirate and flashrom: Got myself a locked out PC a few years ago, boot restrictions done via bios.   Stumbled upon Bus pirate and Flashrom and decided to give it a go. Seaboot works great and flashing the bios with the bus pirate worked on first try. […]

Bus Pirate and Flashrom save another motherboard

Crawford rescued his motherboard using the Bus Pirate and FlashRom. A friend gave me a Gigabyte EP35C-DS3R motherboard, that had succumbed to the dread ‘infinite reboot’ issue.  The Interwebs reported this was usually a bad bios, so I decided to re-flash the bios using the great write-up here. Get your own handy Bus Pirate for […]

Bus Pirate and FlashRom saved my mainboard

MrHijet writes with a followup to our previous post, The Bus Pirate and Flashrom saved my mainboard: I already wrote something about the rescue of my computer in my blog, however it was written in german. I flashed my brand new core i7 mainboard as my processor wasn’t recognized correctly. After that, the mainboard was […]

Bus Pirate and FlashRom saved my mainboard

MrHijets’ BIOS update [machine translation] went sour, but he revived it with the Bus Pirate and FlashRom: In my case, Flashrom and the Bus Pirate saved my motherboard… FlashRom support is an example of how open source and community driven development can extend a project beyond it’s original design. Thank you to everyone who has […]

Bus Pirate support in Flashrom project

Flashrom is an open source utility for working with flash storage chips. It supports a bunch of flash chips commonly used on motherboards to hold the system BIOS. biosflasher (Carl-Daniel Hailfinger) recently added Bus Pirate support to Flashrom. It should be possible to program SPI flash chips using the next release of Flashrom and the […]