Stream Launchpad data serially using NodeJs

zlalanne over at the 430h forum writes: I created a quick project to start learning nodejs. To those that are unfamiliar nodejs allows you to write javascript for the server side. So I decided to write a small gui that plots serial data. The GUI itself is written in javscript/html and uses node-webkit to package it […]

GUINO Arduino GUI visualizer/debugger

madshobye devised this graphical debugging console for Arduino while serving as an artist in residence at Instructables. He wanted a graphical means of visualizing what was occurring in an Arduino program. “It can be a tricky task to debug and visualize realtime data on the Arduino board. You are usually stuck with the standard serial […]

App note: Graphic displays with the PIC32

Pretty user interfaces with a PIC 32: As the demand for Graphical Embedded Applications becomes more popular, so does the need for developing cost effective solutions. Many companies today offer solutions involving an additional internal or external graphics controller as part of a system, which may result in higher costs and more complicated designs. In […]

Compile Bus Pirate GUI under Windows

Vincent wrote a guide to compiling the open source cross platform GUI for the Bus Pirate. There’s also a new Windows binary for the project that doesn’t require installation, you can download it here. Via the forum. Get your own handy Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors..