Bus Pirate SPI sniffer using RealTerm for highspeed transfer

pyblendnet-js ¬†writes: The Bus Pirate has at least three other out-of-the-box methods of sniffing SPI data from a Master and Slave communication: – The Bus Pirate GUI – Bus Pirate SPI Sniffer Utility – Third party tools such as the Sump Logic Analyzer Client – an example here. I believe the fastest of these may […]

Bus Pirate power tools

Are there any ‘power tools’ that would make the Bus Pirate more useful? We want to develop a collection of cross-platform command line utilities for common stuff. There’s already two apps. The first accesses the SPI sniffer from binary mode for maximum speed. The second is a self-test utility that will be used in production. […]

Bus Pirate SPI sniffer utility v0.1

SPI sniffing with the Bus Pirate just got easier. SPIsniffer is a helper application (power tool?) that accesses the SPI sniffer using the fast binary mode. This is 3 to 4 times faster than displaying snooped output in the terminal mode. In terminal mode the Bus Pirate decodes raw data to user-friendly HEX formatted numbers, […]

Bus Pirate firmware v5.7

Bus Pirate firmware v5.7 is ready to download. This is a bugfix release: Improved SPI sniffer, higher max speed Clear terminal buffer overflow error What’s on your wishlist for firmware v5.8? We also uploaded two new source code packages. Source for firmware v4.3 and v5.7 is ready for your hacking pleasure. Read about the firmware […]

Bus Pirate firmware v5.3 development

Bus Pirate firmware v5.3 is on track for release later this week. This will have some minor bug fixes, upgrades, and new features. You can download the latest nightly release from SVN. Nightlies are usually very stable, but new features may not be completely finalized. Reviewed and updated terminal text SPI sniffer update (reduced minimum […]