Designing a high voltage power supply for Nixie tube projects

A PCB layout for the switch-mode HV PSU by Jan Rychter: I’ve posted a page describing the design of a HV PSU (High-Voltage Power Supply) that generates up to 220V from a 12V input. In addition to that, it also provides 2*Vout (so, up to 440V, for dekatrons), and two outputs for powering digital logic: 5V […]

HV Nixie DC-DC switching power supply

Michail Papadimitriou over at Electronics Lab designed a simple DC-DC switching regulator capable of powering most of Nixie tubes: The module is based on the MAX1771 Step-Up DC-DC Controller. This controller works up to 300kHz switching frequency and that allows the usage of miniature surface mount components. It accepts an input voltage from 2 to 16.5V […]

300V AC/DC variable power supply

300V AC/DC variable power supply project by Dilshan Jayakody This 300V AC/DC variable PSU is designed for our vacuum-tube, MOSFET and some IGBT related experiments. This PSU consist with 0-300V Variac (variable auto-transformer), 700VA isolation transformer, which is described in previous blog post and high voltage AC-DC converter. Because of the size and weight of these […]

MCU controlled spot welder

Hercules Trapierakis over at Electronics-Lab writes: “This project is a controller for a dual pulse spot welder that has some nice features that are controlled using a LCD interface.” I always wanted a spot welder, so I decided to built one. I wanted to build a capacitance discharge one but I couldn’t afford for the capacitors […]

Simple 3.3V power supply unit

Dilshan Jayakody  writes: Now a days 3.3V PSU is essential for microcontroller, programmable logic devices and for some analog components also (especially with some new ADCs). This is ultra-simple 3.3V power supply unit, which is suitable for above mentioned experiments. This power supply is based on, ON semiconductor’s MC33269T-3.3 LDO regulator and it is capable […]

Home built bench power supply

Ian Johnston wrote a post on his blog detailing his bench power supply build: My workshop has a couple of bench power supply’s, one is an old Farnell TOPS 3D 3-rail tracking job, and the other is a 3-rail CSI CSI3005XIII with Constant Current functions. The farnell is all analogue but has no constant current control, it has […]

A digitally controlled dual tracking power supply — III

Kerry writes: In part 1 of this series of blog postings, I showed my preliminary design of a dual tracking linear power supply. In part 2, I showed the completed design and also the finished power supply circuits. And as promised last time, I have made a couple of videos showing the measurements of a […]

A digitally controlled dual tracking power supply — II

Kerry D. Wong writes: In my previous post, I showed my design of a dual tracking ±30V linear power supply. My goal was to use the transformer (28V+28V, center tapped) from an old Deltron W127G open-frame power supply and build a lab supply that can be digitally adjusted in both constant voltage and constant current […]

A digitally controlled dual tracking power supply I

Kerry D. Wong writes: Power supply is one of those things one can never have too many of. I have quite a few already, and my favorite one so far is the Topward 6603A. This dual 60V/3A tracking power supply satisfies most of my needs. I have since added an automatic fan controller, digital voltage […]

Tektronix PS2521G power supply teardown

Kevtris tears down the Tektronix PS2521G power supply.  He produced this post detailing his findings.: Weellll, I needed a good bench power supply, so I finally broke down and bought one.  I got a Tektronix PS2521G.  This doodad has three isolated outputs.  This means that each of the three outputs can be wired in series or parallel with […]

Dynamo powered LED bicycle taillight

Martin uses a dynamo to power his bicycle taillight and wanted to find a way for it to remain lit when the bicycle was not in motion. He sent in this quick hack he used, adding a supercap in the taillight circuit, which powers the light without the need for batteries. Via the contact form.

PICkit3 external dual power supply (3v3-5V) circuit

Giorgos from PCBheaven wrote a post detailing the build of his PICKIT 3 external dual power supply: First of all, why… Why use such a circuit since the PICkit 3 has a built-in power supply software controlled. There are basically two reasons to build this circuit: First of all, it may happen – The internal PSU […]

Building a small programmable power supply

Alex over at InsideGadgets has written an article  detailing the build of his programmable power supply: A small programmable power supply with 4 digit segment display using an ATtiny84 to allow 3 programmable voltages and ability to adjust the voltage higher or lower. Output range is 0.3V to 12.5V.