9V to 48V DC-DC converter

Konstantin Dimitrov over at Electronics Lab writes: This project is a 8-12Vdc to +48Vdc DC-DC converter based on MC34063 switching regulator. It’s a simple project of a DC-DC converter to make a phantom power supply for professional microphones. It can deliver 15-20mA at 48VDC. It ‘s based on MC34063 DC-DC step-up, step-down and boost converter. […]

Simple and efficient 12V to 5V convertor

Fcobcn shared his simple and efficient 12V to 5v converter. It’s based around the TL2575 buck IC, and can output 1 amp of current. I’m using a TL2575 from ti, wich has a max efficiency of 88%, 1A, works quite well, previously were using a 7805 wich needed heat sinking. There’s apparently no heat coming […]

Voltage regulator chip roundup

McZ and rsdio tipped us to a bunch of new and wonderful voltage regulator chips. Tiny regulators, high current regulators, and high voltage regulators. TPS84620: 4.5V to 14.5V input, 6A switching regulator needs only three external parts MAX15040: 2.4V to 3.6V input, 4A switching regulator is the smallest yet MAX15050/MAX15051: 2.9V to 5.5V input, 4A […]