Linear Nixie tube HAT for the Raspberry Pi

Mark Smith has been working on a HAT for the Raspberry Pi that can drive two IN-9 or IN-13 linear Nixie tubes: This project as described in came about because I needed a retro looking linear meter for my espresso maker water tank. I’m always running out of water in my espresso maker, and […]

The Nixie tube filadometer – a Nixie tube filament meter for your 3D printer

Dr. Scott M. Baker made a Nixie tube filament meter for his 3D Printer: First, I decided to upgrade from the Raspberry Pi Model B to a more recent Raspberry Pi Zero W that I had on hand. Wired Ethernet is so ~ 2013 after all, and wireless would be a lot more convenient. Next, […]

Optimizing the 5v to 170v Nixie tube power supply design (part 2)

Mark Smith has a nice write-up on optimizing the 5v to 170v Nixie tube power supply: Since this power supply is just a fun design for an upcoming Nixie tube clock project of mine, I have the time to achieve ESE. While in Part 1 I described the equations and simulations, in this Part 2, I collected […]

Nixie Tube Thing – Dirty PCB to the rescue!

Crawford writes: I have been lusting over the Nixie Tube Driver that Ian brought to the 2012 World Maker Faire. When I met him there I asked about board production, but he explained it was a one-time thing. Fair enough. Well it’s 2014 now and DirtyPCB exists. I grabbed the design off the forum, and […]

Designing a high voltage power supply for Nixie tube projects

A PCB layout for the switch-mode HV PSU by Jan Rychter: I’ve posted a page describing the design of a HV PSU (High-Voltage Power Supply) that generates up to 220V from a 12V input. In addition to that, it also provides 2*Vout (so, up to 440V, for dekatrons), and two outputs for powering digital logic: 5V […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #39: Magnificent Nixie tube thing

This week we try out the IN12 Nixie tube blocks we’ve been working on. They’ll be on display in the new workshop studio and at Maker Faire New York. We also light up a mini VFD we scored in Akihabara in Tokyo last year. Sorry about the poor lighting, new workshop will be up and […]

Buy a vintage calculator get 8 Nixie tubes free

Philip scored a vintage Sanyo 4 function calculator in a local thrift store. He opened it up and was pleasantly surprised with 8 Nixie tubes. You guys wont believe what i just scored from a local thrift store [selling second/third/fourth hand stuff from japan] :) A good old 4 function calculator from sanyo – and […]

App note: HV boost power supply for Nixie tubes

Here is a app note from Microchip describing how to implement a high-voltage boost DC-DC converter intended for Nixie tube designs. The basic principle of Nixie tubes is that they require more than 170V to function properly. This design uses the internal PWM generator of a PIC16 microcontroller to drive the DC-DC converter. A comparator […]