App note: Failure signature of electrical overstress on power MOSFETs

Nexperia app note about MOSFET’s destruction investigative hints that can be used for design improvements. Link here (PDF) When Power MOSFETs fail, there is often extensive damage. Examination of the size and location of the burn mark, the failure signature, provides information about the type of fault condition which caused the failure. This document provides […]

App note: Designing in MOSFETs for safe and reliable gate-drive operation

This app note from Nexperia discuss’ gate drive designs for safe operation of MOSFET. link here (PDF) The MOSFET gate-source threshold voltage (VGS-th) and maximum gate-source voltage (VGS-max) are key parameters that are critical to the reliable operation of MOSFETs. The threshold voltage represents the voltage at which the MOSFET starts to turn on, whilst […]

App note: 1 kV SenseFET integrated power switch

App note from ON Semiconductors on their FSL4110LR power switch for SMPS power supplies. Link here (PDF) Some industrial equipment that are supplied from a threephase AC power source such as industrial drives and energy meters often need an auxiliary power supply stage that can provide a regulated low-power DC source for analog and digital […]

App note: Recommendations to avoid short pulse width issues in HVIC gate driver applications

Application note from ON Semiconductors discussing possible abnormalities on High voltage gate driver when operating on short pulses. Link here (PDF) The High−Voltage Integrated Circuit (HVIC) gate driver family is designed to drive an N−channel MOSFET or IGBT up to 600 V. One of the most common methods to supply power to the high−side gate […]

App note: Low-side self-protected MOSFET

Integrated fault protected MOSFET app note from ON Semiconductors. Link here (PDF) The ever increasing density and complexity of automotive and industrial control electronics requires integration of components, wherever possible, so as to conserve space, reduce cost, and improve reliability. Integration of protection features with power switches continues to drive new product development. The often […]

App note: Intelligent power switches for 48 V battery applications

Application note on controling Intelligent Power Switches (IPS) from STMicroelectronics. Link here (PDF) For the last 15-20 years, the automotive electronics market has been moving from electromechanical relays to solid state components for driving all kind of loads. It is obvious why: solid state components are smaller in size, lighter, silent, easy to mass produce […]

App note: Using trench technology MOSFETs in hot swap applications

Safely use trench MOSFETs on hot swap application by determining its operation within its SOA in a limited time, app note from International Rectifier. Link here (PDF) Hot Swap circuits are used to allow for “Hot Plugging” of circuit boards into back planes. The applications that require such functionality are mission critical, such as servers […]

App note: Driving MOSFET and IGBT switches using the Si828x

App note from Silicon Labs on their MOSFET and IGBT driver Si828x and how to determining its external components to achieve optimized performance. Link here (PDF) The Si828x products integrate isolation, gate drivers, fault detection protection, and operational indicators into one package to drive IGBTs and MOSFETs as well as other gated power switch devices. […]

App note: Gate drive characteristics and requirements for HEXFET power MOSFETs

App note from International Rectifier on driving their Power MOSFETs. Link here (PDF) The conventional bipolar transistor is a current-driven device. A current must be applied between the base and emitter terminals to produce a flow of current in the collector. The amount of a drive required to produce a given output depends upon the […]

App note: Linear power MOSFETS basic and applications

Some examples of power MOSFETS application from this app note from IXYS Corporation. Link here (PDF) Applications like electronic loads, linear regulators or Class A amplifiers operate in the linear region of the Power MOSFET, which requires high power dissipation capability and extended Forward Bias Safe Operating Area (FBSOA) characteristics. Such mode of operation differs […]

App note: Operation evaluation of ultra low ON resistance MOSFET supporting quick charge for 1 cell Lithium ion battery protection

ON semiconductor’s application note on faster charging of Lithium Ion batteries with consideration on heat suppression. Link here (PDF) Currently, because LiB (Lithium Ion Battery) is superior in current density and electromotive force, it becomes mainstream of batteries for mobiles such as smart phone. However, because LiB is weak at over-charge and over-discharge, a control […]

App note: Application precautions: Power MOSFET application notes

Toshiba’s application note on the things to consider when picking a power MOSFET. Link here (PDF) This document explains selecting MOSFETs and what we have to consider for designing MOSFET circuit, such as temperature characteristics, effects of wire inductance, parasitic oscillations, avalanche ruggedness, and snubber circuit.

App note: Power MOSFET in high-side operating modes, possible failure modes, and failure signatures

App note from Vishay on high-side MOSFET failures investigation leads to one of the following modes of operation: (a) High-impedance gate drive (b) Electro-static discharge (ESD) exposure (c) Electrical over-stressed (EOS) operation More on it here (PDF) Power MOSFET failures in high-side applications can often be attributed to a high-impedance gate drive creating a virtual […]

App note: Power MOSFET Basics: Understanding the Turn-On Process

More to know about MOSFET gate threshold voltages, an application note from Vishay. Link here (PDF) The question of how to turn on a MOSFET might sound trivial, since ease of switching is a major advantage of field-effect transistors. Unlike bipolar junction transistors, these are majority carrier devices. One does not have to worry about […]

App note: Selection of three locations of current sense resistor in buck converter

Sensing current utilizing MOSFET’s Rds(on) and Inductor’s DCR in different location discussed in this app note from Alpha and Omega semiconductor. Link here (PDF) In current mode converters, current sense resistor can be placed in three locations: input loop, output loop and freewheeling loop. The pros and cons are discussed in details. The principles and […]

App note: Paralleling power MOSFETs in switching applications

Application note from Alpha and Omega semiconductor on proper design of circuit and PCB layout to balance parallel MOSFETs. Link here (PDF) This paper discusses issues involved in paralleling MOSFETs in high-power, high-frequency switching applications. It investigates root cause problems such as unbalanced voltage and current by taking a closer examination of PCB layouts and […]

App note: Performance restrictions associated with 3.5 watts SO-8 power MOSFETs

Old app note from Fairchild Semiconductors on SO-8 power MOSFETs’ power handling. Link here In applications requiring high current and small footprint electronic switches, a Power MOSFET packaged in an SO-8 is usually the best choice. This is because the combination offers low on-resistance and reasonable power handling. A second benefit is the numerous suppliers […]

Simple constant current driver for a high power LED

Elmars Ositis has been working on a simple constant current driver: In my previous post, I slapped together a quick LED lighting solution for my workbench… but it is truly a hack. What I really want to do is make a simple constant current driver, so the power LEDs can be used in other projects. One […]